Cleaning out my stash

I decided to go through my stash last weekend before making any new purchases and these are all the ’empties’ I found.

almost empty

I prefer repurchasing products before I actually run out to avoid any inconveniences. The problem with that is, I always end up using the new products and stashing away the almost empty jars/bottles of products.

Anyway, I melted the coconut oil and poured it into a tiny jar and applicator bottle.

coconut oil empties

coconut oil2

The full bottle of coconut oil is the one I showed you in my June haul. Most Kenyans will recognize that yellow bottle 🙂 I just didn’t see the point of buying an applicator bottle (KSh.200+) while i could very well re-use this one.

I decided to empty the deep conditioners and amla oil into another little jar.

deep conditioning treatment

I plan to use these conditioners for cowashes.


I can’t believe I had all this junk laying around my room gathering dust!



Am I some kind of hoarder?!


9 thoughts on “Cleaning out my stash

  1. Yes you are!!!! Lol I always use up my old stash before opening a new bottle as in I will turn the bottle upside down and let whatever remaining oil drip into my applicator bottle before opening a new bottle or jar:)

    • Haha…i better shape up!

      Everyday we learn something new! The applicator bottle makes everything so easy, especially if you like to oil your scalp. Its also great when you’re pouring oil on your hair for a prepoo treatment, that way you have control over how much oil you pour and avoid creating a huge mess.

  2. Yes I recognize the applicator bottle. Wish I could get that one for myself. If not I may have to purchase one. I prefer to finish products before I purchase a new one. Then I make sure that I use what I have to the last drop. I sometimes leave a bottle placed up side down, to make sure all the product drips to the side with the cover so that when I open the bottle at the time of use, only very little product will be wasted. My only challenge is that I cant seem to throw away my empties. Especially the jars. I keep them just in case they can be used for something later.

    • Wow! Looks like am the only one not doing this upside down thing :/ Mmm…challenge accepted 🙂 I also keep stuff hoping to find some use for them later (notice the old version of the coconut oil bottle I have up there?) Yep. Am guilty.

      By the way the lubrication oil that comes in that yellow bottle goes for about Ksh.40 You can buy that, transfer the oil into another bottle and keep the yellow bottle for yourself, then maybe give the oil to someone who needs it..or keep it till you need it? Or just buy the applicator bottle lol!

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