Suave conditioner

Wild cherry blossom

Wild cherry blossom

I couldn’t help myself, I had to have it 😀

I’ve used this product four times so far. I used it along with shampoo on two separate wash days and also to cowash on two other separate wash days.

The first two times I used it, I felt that it was so-so…it was okay. Nothing exciting to write about but that was because I had used very little product.

The last two times (last Saturday and last night), I used a little more product (palm-size amount) and I really enjoyed both washes.

I have to tell you about the slip! This conditioner has great slip. My comb just gilded through my conditioner laden hair…keep in mind that am a little over 14 weeks post relaxer. And my new growth felt so soft and really nice. I would definitely repurchase this one. It smells good too so that’s a bonus. And it comes in a family size bottle!

I’ll have to revisit the daily clarifying suave conditioner to see which one I like better.


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