…natural hair!

I miss the kinks, coils and waves. If hair didn’t take so long to grow I’d big chop right now, grow out my natural hair, enjoy it then relax it again after a while. And then do it all over again when this craving kicks in ::sigh::

Its taken me all of 20(?) months to miss my natural hair. What is happening to me?!


Last weekend’s wash day

Almost forgot to post this.

Last Saturday was wash day and so I started off with an oil prepoo treatment. I wanted to follow up with a shampoo wash but later decided to do a henna treatment since I hadn’t done one in 11 weeks (since 4th of July).

I did the oil treatment for 3 hours. I also wanted to henna for 3 hours but felt too lazy to rinse the off the henna so I went to bed with it in my hair. I rinsed it off about 16 hours later *gasp*. Deep conditioning lasted 2 hours I think.

Since I was going for 7s, I just applied my products, combed my hair and wore it out…down. It got big towards the end of the day but still took longer than usual to dry due to the weather.

(Am having some trouble uploading pics but i’ll have them up soon. They are pretty much the same as the ones in this post)

What happened to that gap?

I got this question after posting my shower-hair progress pics

See the w-shaped gap?

See the w-shaped gap?

When i took the March 2013 pic, i noticed the w-shape at the bottom/ends of my hair. Then i totally ignored it.

I know it can be caused by breakage at the crown area (which i didn’t seem to have by the way). I just had no idea what had caused it. Usually, people go ahead and snip off a few inches to even things out but i did not do that. I let it grow out. I knew for a fact that i did not have split ends since i had recently gotten a trim and hadn’t used any form of heat on my hair since that trim. There was no need for a cut or another trim.

In my most recent shower hair pic, that w-shape/gap seems to have disappeared.

Sept 2013

Sept 2013

I don’t know how that happened but am sure glad I did not cut my hair 🙂 I need a trim though.

Is your hair natural?

Yup. I got that question this morning. I told the lady that my hair is permed (that’s what we call relaxed hair over here). Then she asked me why it looked the way it did (curly pony).

I’ll be 3 weeks post relaxer tomorrow so its not like I have crazy new growth going on. I don’t even have new growth yet, but because I always airdry my hair and I’ve never worn it straight to work, it never has that silky smooth salon look really. Plus my hair is medium-thick and I don’t relax it bone bone straight. I guess you could say it looks like blown out/blow dried natural hair.


Safaricom 7s 2013

Safaricom 7s 2013

Anyone of you heading down to Kasarani Sports complex for sevens? I know i am. Got my ticket ready for tomorrow.


I prefer attending the Sunday event. I wonder how yesterday’s went down due to the rain. Am sure it was a blast all the same. Today’s weather seems to be perfect so far and i hope it stays as is till tomorrow.

This is how i wore my hair for 7s last year. I don’t know how am going to wear it tomorrow so i guess we’ll see what happens then. I don’t want to rock a bun though

What Is Texlaxing?

I just got this question from Tess and thought I should answer it in a blog post incase anyone else is interested in the answer.

Texlaxing is under processing the hair on purpose. It is done using a relaxer. This can be done by leaving the relaxer on your hair for a short time before rinsing it off, by adding an oil to the relaxer so as to weaken it, by adding just a little of the activator to the relaxer base (as opposed to adding the entire thing to the base) or by skipping the smoothing step. The idea is to lightly loosen the curl pattern resulting in a wavy texture.

Texlaxing is great for those looking to retain some degree of thickness in their hair, moreso, those with fine hair, or those who still want to relax their hair but find that for whatever reason, their hair is thinning.

Texlaxing is also the healthier option as opposed to relaxing hair straight. Don’t get me wrong, all chemical treatments damage hair to some extent but texlaxing is milder.

This is all I can come up with for now. Got any more questions? Please feel free to ask and I’ll try my best to answer 🙂

EDITED TO ADD: Additional info in the comment section below!