Prepping my hair for relaxer day

Am 15 weeks & 3 days post relaxer today!

This past weekend I prepped my hair for my upcoming relaxer day (which is only 4 days away). I sure hope nothing screws up my plans. My last strengthening treatment was 2 months ago!

I happened to be up at dawn (yesterday) and so I decided to shampoo my hair at that time. I wanted to completely strip my hair of everything so I used a sulfate shampoo.

Suave shampooI would normally use the Enliven shampoo which really gets my hair squeaky clean but since I’ve been using sulfate shampoos a lot lately, I decided to go with the Suave shampoo which is milder, in my opinion.

When I was done, I wrapped my hair in a towel then went to bed (I was tired).

The plan was to let it airdry then do an egg treatment (last one was on 11th May) when i got up later. But you know how life is…i had quick & urgent errands to run.

crazy looking?

Yes, I left the house like that. In my defense, it was laid down when I left the house (because it had been wrapped up) šŸ˜€ and it was still a little damp.

When I got back home, it was one big, frizzy, fully airdried, hot mess! Lesson learnt. I parted it into 4 sections and applied the eggs.



(Am thinking of getting an actual store-bought protein treatment by the way)

I left the eggs on my hair (typing that is just odd). Anyway, I left the eggs in my hair for about 30 minutes under a plastic bag and scarf while I did a few chores around the house and then I used cold water to rinse. I decided to do a final rinse with warm water to open up the hair cuticles in readiness for the next step…deep conditioning. Turns out I didn’t get all the egg out of my hair…

cooked egg in my hair?I tried (and failed) to take a good pic of my new growth. At least you can somehow see my hair colour due to henna. I can’t get enough of it!


Deep conditioning took me about 2.5hrs


I was meeting up with my Dad for late lunch and had no time to do anything special with my (still wet) hair, so I just threw it up in a ponytail and used some gel to slick down my hairline. I let it airdry like that.

Today i rocked a very loose bun and that will be my style for the rest of the week *boring*. I don’t want to agitate my scalp.


3 thoughts on “Prepping my hair for relaxer day

  1. How about mixing the egg(s) into your store bought conditioner or deep conditioner…that works better for me and also masks the egg smell. I may be touching up this week as well if I get round to doing it at all but I need it my new growth is a mess!

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