What happened to that gap?

I got this question after posting my shower-hair progress pics

See the w-shaped gap?

See the w-shaped gap?

When i took the March 2013 pic, i noticed the w-shape at the bottom/ends of my hair. Then i totally ignored it.

I know it can be caused by breakage at the crown area (which i didn’t seem to have by the way). I just had no idea what had caused it. Usually, people go ahead and snip off a few inches to even things out but i did not do that. I let it grow out. I knew for a fact that i did not have split ends since i had recently gotten a trim and hadn’t used any form of heat on my hair since that trim. There was no need for a cut or another trim.

In my most recent shower hair pic, that w-shape/gap seems to have disappeared.

Sept 2013

Sept 2013

I don’t know how that happened but am sure glad I did not cut my hair 🙂 I need a trim though.

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