Hair and Fitness update

I’ll be 7 weeks post relaxer tomorrow!

My hair is seems softer today. I wonder if the banana hair mask treatment I did on Monday has anything to do with that. I did a cowash yesterday though because my hair was all sweaty from working out. I’ll cowash again tomorrow.

‘Speaking’ of working out, i mentioned here that am on a fitness journey too. However, soon after I had put up that post I suffered an injury and couldn’t work out for 2 whole weeks! (That’s a long time in my book). I decided to take an extra week off working out just to make sure I was okay and after that week was over, I came up with every excuse under the sun not to workout. I even gained weight! or so my friends say. Well, that’s what happens when you take too long a break and don’t stay focused…you lose sight of your goals.

Anyway, I started back on my fitness program this week. I had also gone back to eating all sorts of junk food (hence the dire state of my skin. I haven’t even been wearing makeup alot – try once or twice a month – so i threw away most of it). Last week however, I tried to eat clean. I plan to stick to this for at least 2 months for starters (I realize this is bad timing with the holiday season coming up but I’ll try my best. I hope am not setting myself up for failure). I wish this was as easy as my hair journey.

I love working out though. It makes me feel great! Yes am a little sore today but you know what they say, “sore today, strong tomorrow” That’s my mantra 😀


DIY Banana hair mask

Am back from yet another unintentional hiatus.

I was away from home this past weekend and so my wash day got pushed to Monday which happened to be a public holiday here in Kenya – Mashujaa aka Heroes day which meant no work 😀

Anyway, when I got back on Sunday evening, I did an overnight oil prepoo then washed my hair using the Suave shampoo.

Suave shampoo

This is turning out to be my favorite shampoo despite it having sulfates. It is milder though, and therefore doesn’t leave my hair feeling stripped. It gets my hair clean.

After the wash, I wrapped my hair up in a towel as I prepared the hair mask. I don’t care much for homemade hair treatments but since I had some overripe bananas, I decided to use those instead of throwing them away. I also had very little deep conditioner left and didn’t want to use my ORS replenishing conditioner (I had used it the previous weekend. That stuff’s expensive over here, or at least for me it is. Can’t be using it randomly!)

I used about 7 bananas – I know, too many. I poured the excess into a container and stuck it in the freezer to snack on later. It was too sweet but then again I have a sweet tooth so I thoroughly enjoyed it 😀


all peeled

almost done



I froze the extra batch to snack on later

I froze the extra batch to snack on later

oil prepoo

oil prepoo

Banana hair mask

Banana hair mask

Tangled mess after happens at times

Tangled mess after rinsing…it happens at times

I only added coconut oil to the mask. I had run out of both honey and glycerin (its time to lift my shopping ban).

I applied the mask to damp hair, covered with a plastic bag and scarf then left it on for a few hours. I used cold water to rinse off the mixture. The result was hard hair. Yes. Not soft hair like other people seem to get after doing a similar treatment. Hard. It was as if I had done a protein treatment.

I wasn’t disappointed, it was just unexpected. I was due for a strengthening treatment anyway. Bananas contain potassium which strengthens and fixes damaged hair. This explains my outcome I guess.

I followed up with a cowash (used Enliven conditioner) to soften up my hair and that worked fine.



However, there was some residue left on my comb after detangling. Guess I didn’t rinse off the banana well enough or even cowash properly.

This was my first time using a banana hair mask and I don’t see myself using it again anytime soon. For anyone who decides to try this out, I would highly suggest that you blend the banana to achieve a smooth consistency. Mushing it up in a bowl using a fork will result in you having chunks of bananas in your hair and getting those off is not an easy task. Also, rinse/wash/cowash thoroughly afterwards.

I might make an avocado hair mask next weekend. I’ve done that before so I don’t expect any surprises there.

Am having computer issues so pics will be up when I get it fixed. Thanks for reading 🙂

Thin ends…

…or not-so-thick ends.

Thin ends from my 1st relaxer. Hair had been relaxed bone BONE straight.

Thin ends from my 1st relaxer. Hair had been relaxed bone BONE straight.

(old pic, airdrying)

I remember when i got my first relaxer (ever) last year (Feb ’12), my hair was bone straight and i liked it. Even after wetting it, it remained straight as i had no under-processed sections at all.

At that point, i had been on my hair journey for slightly over 3 months and my hair was healthy. I’d wash, deep condition and rollerset every 2 weeks so for the first few days after leaving the salon, it would be nice and full but when the waves straightened out, it would be flat,…which i hated.

When i got my second relaxer (Aug ’12) after a 6.5 months’ stretch, i noticed that my hair still had some texture to it and i posted a blog on that. It was thick in a way and i loved it.

I have relaxed my hair 5 times so far and my hair always has a bit of texture left). The picture below is from last year (August) and it shows the texture of my hair at 3 weeks post.


This is more or less the result i get when i relax my hair nowadays. I don’t do it on purpose, it just comes out like that. I would actually like for it to be straighter but if that means i lose the thickness and wind up with flat, thin hair,…no thanks, i’ll keep this.

I think my hair is too straight to be called texlaxed hair.

My hair regimen – I need to tweak this

Below you will find what was my regimen for quite a while (it worked out great for me), but due to a few life issues here and there, i need to change it up bit to suit my current lifestyle.

Daily/Every other day
*Moisturize and seal

Oil prepoo > shampoo wash (sulfate-free) > conditioner wash (optional)

Deep conditioning treatment (on dry hair for at least 2 hrs then rinse it out and proceed with styling)

*Clarify > protein treatment
*Henna treatment

*blow dry > flat iron (as needed/rarely)
*relax every 16 weeks

Just another wash day update

I washed my hair last evening then did an overnight deep conditioning treatment. Today, am rocking a ponytail…air-drying.

I’d gone for more than a week without washing my hair and my scalp did not itch during that time. Usually when I go for more than a week without cleaning my scalp, it starts to itch.

My hair was somewhat dry (even though I moisturize and seal daily). Am glad I deep conditioned it.