Hair and Fitness update

I’ll be 7 weeks post relaxer tomorrow!

My hair is seems softer today. I wonder if the banana hair mask treatment I did on Monday has anything to do with that. I did a cowash yesterday though because my hair was all sweaty from working out. I’ll cowash again tomorrow.

‘Speaking’ of working out, i mentioned here that am on a fitness journey too. However, soon after I had put up that post I suffered an injury and couldn’t work out for 2 whole weeks! (That’s a long time in my book). I decided to take an extra week off working out just to make sure I was okay and after that week was over, I came up with every excuse under the sun not to workout. I even gained weight! or so my friends say. Well, that’s what happens when you take too long a break and don’t stay focused…you lose sight of your goals.

Anyway, I started back on my fitness program this week. I had also gone back to eating all sorts of junk food (hence the dire state of my skin. I haven’t even been wearing makeup alot – try once or twice a month – so i threw away most of it). Last week however, I tried to eat clean. I plan to stick to this for at least 2 months for starters (I realize this is bad timing with the holiday season coming up but I’ll try my best. I hope am not setting myself up for failure). I wish this was as easy as my hair journey.

I love working out though. It makes me feel great! Yes am a little sore today but you know what they say, “sore today, strong tomorrow” That’s my mantra 😀


4 thoughts on “Hair and Fitness update

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