Bun life

my neat bun

Some people may know me as ‘the girl with the bun’, and with good reason. I have been bunning my hair since I was in high school *cringe*

Textured bun

I went to an all girls’ boarding school where braiding/weaving was not allowed. Bunning was just easier for me since I had natural hair (and didn’t know about styling products). It was quick and convenient. My hair was at around full shoulder length (maybe grazing APL? I dunno, I wasn’t obsessed with my hair back then but everybody said I had long/good hair). It never got past that length in those 4 years of high school, though it was relatively healthy.

When I joined uni, i didn’t really bun my hair. I kept it braided up at first, then I started straightening it so that I could wear it down. I used to party a lot and well, that style was made for partying right? 😀 Besides, everybody seemed to like it and the compliments edged me on 🙂

Towards the end of my uni life, my hair suffered heat damage so i cut back on the heat styling and went back to braiding. I also managed to accidentally chop off my hair to neck length 😦 After graduating from college, i went back to bunning.

This was my everyday style - sock bun

This was my everyday style – sock bun

I still wear my hair in a bun 5 days a week for work. I don’t do it for length retention, though i won’t deny that that helps. I just can’t be bothered to really style my hair nowadays. A low slick bun looks okay for the office.

Office do

Now that am older, i get a lot of “you should wear your hair down” comments from family and friends. I guess a small bun looks kinda juvenile on me. Hence the sock buns and this bun…


One more pic 🙂

bunning 26 wks post

bunning 26 wks post

Well, thats all i have to share about my bun life…for now



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