Straight hair month

9 day old straight hair. I curled my ends last Saturday...and this morning :o

9 day old straight hair. I curled my ends last Saturday…and this morning šŸ˜®

I straightened my hair on the 1st of December, right after doing both the henna and deep conditioning treatments outlined in my previous post. I’ve had it straight for a week already and am debating on whether or not to go for another week (till next weekend).

From the looks of things, i might need to wear my hair straight for a number of occasions this month. Its a little dumb if you ask me, seeing that i managed to go for 21 weeks without subjecting my hair to any kind of heat and now i have to do it over and over this month šŸ˜¦

In my defense, one of my best friends and i hosted a baby shower for our other best friend this past Saturday (too many best friends aye?). I needed my hair to be on point for that (am already 3 months post relaxer). The event somehow doubled up as a mini-reunion as some of the the guest were old friends from uni that i hadn’t seen in a long time and by nighttime, it was a full-blown party with a lot of male friends/acquaintances also in attendance. I think that justifies my hair straightening šŸ˜€

Why did i straighten it a week early? Well, last July i was able to keep my hair looking good (all straight) for an entire week so i figured i could do that again. I was also tired of rocking buns day in day out and i just wanted to do something different with my hair.

So i’ve really gone off tangent here *oops* i really should be ‘talking’ about how the straightening process went.

I’ll start from when i stepped out of the shower šŸ˜€ .I let my hair airdry for about an hour (that was unintentional). Then i spritzed some water on it to dampen it since i hadn’t applied a leave-in conditioner yet (i like doing that on damp hair). Then i applied some heat protectant.

I took my time blow drying my hair on the medium setting. I wanted to get my roots as straight as i could because am not really good with the flat iron. Besides, like i mentioned in a different post, my new growth was really curly. I used the tension method.

Flat ironing took me at least an hour and a half. Now i remember why i don’t straighten my hair all the time despite my love for straight hair. I don’t really know what was going on! I hate the whole straightening process. My hair never even looks good at the end of it all! I prefer 2nd day hair.

I didn’t manage to get my hair bone straight. Its a little puffy and i can still feel some waves at the roots but for the most part, its straight and i like it.


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