How i maintain straight hair

“Every” night before getting into bed I section my hair and then moisturize it using the ORS hair lotion.

I then follow up with a natural oil (coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil) to seal in the moisture.

The next step is combing it all back and then tying a headscarf to protect it at night.

I usually keep the scarf on till am about to leave the house the next morning. At that point, I just slide it off, part my hair, gently comb it into style and am good to go.

Honestly speaking, I have not been able to keep up with this routine Here’s what I’ve been doing instead…

Nighttime: wrap my hair up

Morning: slide off the scarf then lightly moisturize and seal only the ends of my hair all the while wondering why I didn’t just do it the night before. Then I use some oil sheen spray to give, the rest of my hair some shine.

I moisturize and seal only the ends because the ORS lotion is pretty thick and it can weigh your hair down easily if not used sparingly. I just don’t want to walk around with greasy hair. (I love the lotion though…always will šŸ˜€ )

Pics will be up later!


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