The best & worst of 2013

I have to admit that the title is a little dramatic but i just want to state a few things that I noticed in the year 2013 regarding my hair.

The best
1) My hair has gotten longer πŸ™‚ Last month I met up with with a friend that I hadn’t seen in about 6 months and the look on his face when he saw my hair was priceless! I haven’t done a proper length check since May so its kinda hard to notice significant length retention…moreso since am always bunning.

2) I kept getting weave-checked by friends and family. Even by some of my male friends!!! Some people take offense when others touch their hair or ask if they’re rocking a weave…i take it as a compliment πŸ˜€ I rarely get strangers touching my hair…some ask if its all my hair while others just stare at it :/

3) My hair is thicker. I did more henna treatments last year than I did the year before and I think I used less heat too. I believe both deeds got my hair to thicken up. Some of the weave-checking I experienced was due to the length of my hair but I also had people saying that my hair didn’t look real so they checked it πŸ˜€ Am sure my hair color prompted them to think that as well.

4) People are listening to me now. If you’re on a hair journey, you know what’s its like at the beginning. People telling you that you’re doing too much, you’re spending way too much time and money on your hair (even when its your money), your hair used to look better (style-wise) when you used to relax often, straighten more frequently blah blah blah… Its easy to get discouraged especially if you focus more on getting your hair longer instead of getting it healthy first. My advice: keep at it. Your hard work will pay off. Mine is πŸ™‚

The worst

1) I started off last year at 21 weeks post or thereabouts. I stretched that particular relaxer to 7 months I believe. Now that’s something I will not be doing again. My hair looked horrible then and am sure that stretch wasn’t of much benefit to me. I have decided to limit my stretches to 10-12 weeks. Mostly 12 weeks but if I can I’ll stretch to 16 weeks which I think is okay for me.

2) I trimmed my hair once last year. My hair is not immune to split ends so its not at its best state right now.

3) Wearing my hair straight or in a braidout sometimes ganners so much attention to the point where am a little uncomfortable. Yep. Like I said, some people just stare at my hair, they don’t say anything so there’s this awkwardness that prompts me to say ‘hi’ to them :S What would happen of they saw a black woman with hair down to her waist?!

This is just a random post done on my phone. I’ll post my relaxer update soon.

What did you notice about your hair at the end of 2013?


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