My first self-trim

Finally got round to using these

Finally got round to using these


My last trim was close to a year ago, 1st March 2013, (shame on me). Since yesterday was my first time trimming my own hair, that first ‘snip’ made my heart drop. I was freaking out (like always) but by the time i was all done, i was already counting down to my next trim…scissor happy much? Yea.

I took off about 1″ to 1.5″. Thats probably more than i needed to but i love my thick and healthy ends now. Am not a fan of the blunt cut so i trimmed my hair in sections to keep the natural flow of things going on. Funny enough, when i started my hair journey, i couldn’t wait to get a blunt cut πŸ˜€

I’ll try and stick to trimming my hair every 6 months. That works well for me. Going 11 and a half months without a trim was a bad idea (unintentional as it was) because my ends were looking nasty. I had all sorts of split ends going on!


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