Length check!

I haven’t done a proper length-check in ages so here’s my latest one…

Length check

Can i just mention how much trouble i went through trying to get a good shot? Seriously, am getting rusty at this.

Here is a 9 month progress picture

May 2013 - Feb 2014

May 2013 – Feb 2014

I could have sworn i was at BSL prior to the trim. Now am beginning to think that maybe i trimmed off more than i thought i did 😮 . Or maybe my posture was off while taking the pic (denial?) I’ll take another pic soon and see if thats the case.

Calling up my hairdresser for my next trim might not be such a bad idea. Am just saying.


8 thoughts on “Length check!

  1. First off..The health of your hair is to die for! And that LENGTH!! Told you i had seen it even before straightening it? The ends are not straight there’s a bit of a curve there so it is definitely longer…On another note,i’m in dire need of a trim…Hoping i will get my mother to do it for me over the weekend

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