Mini wash day

Am 10 weeks post relaxer today!

Yesterday afternoon i randomly decided to clarify and condition my hair. It had been 10 days since i’d last washed it and I had been wearing it down every single day and not moisturizing and sealing as needed. The result…dry hair. I needed to add some moisture to it. I didn’t do a deep conditioning treatment…i’ll do that over the weekend.

The products i used

The products i used

Another reason i decided to wash my hair; i thought i’d be home for the rest of this week, then i got a call after washing it that i needed to attend a meeting today. I didn’t want to show up with my trusty bun. So what did i do? I straightened it yet again :s I seriously need a hooded dryer.

This time i just blew it out on high for a few minutes then curled the ends under using a flat iron.

end of day hair

end of day hair

Am glad i washed my hair though because it felt so soft and ‘juicy’ afterwards…really moisturized. I did however notice that i need to do a henna treatment. My last one was slightly over 5 weeks ago so i might go ahead and do another one this weekend.


4 thoughts on “Mini wash day

    • I have 2 posts on that here and here.

      But to just update you on my feelings towards them, I love both products. The shampoo has sulfates in it but its not really harsh. I could use it weekly if i chose to. The conditioner, i repurchased it meaning that its now a staple for me. I use a palm-size amount. Its moisturizing and has slip. Its somewhat thick…not runny. I hope that helps

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