I love how there is always something extra in the ORS relaxer kit. I have gotten a sample size edge control gel, an extra replenishing pak and now i have this travel size oil sheen spray!


I always give away the shampoo, conditioner and moisturizer packs that come in the kit because i have the same products in a bottle – I tend to have more products than i need. I think i’ll also give away the sheen spray for the same reason.


Back story of how i actually got it; So after getting my first relaxer, i asked my hairdresser about the after care and he told me to buy the oil sheen spray and use it every morning. I knew quite a bit about taking care of relaxed hair but i figured why not ask anyway? I might learn something new. Long story short, I bought the spray.

I only use it on days when i wear my hair straight and only if i forgot to moisturize & seal the night before. It leaves my hair soft and shiny and i don’t have to worry about my hair getting weighed down. I love flowy hair and thats what i get when i use this product.

And a little goes a long way too! I’ve had this particular spray bottle since February 2012. Yep. 2 years plus. My cousin refused to use it 😀 but its not expired. I don’t use it often though as i try to moisturize & seal my hair daily.


March mini haul

March haul

1) ORS relaxer 2) Eden Apricot Scrub – for face and body 3) African Black Soap

Am 14 weeks 2 days post relaxer and I don’t think I’ll make it to 16 weeks. How I once managed to stretch for 28 weeks eludes me. Right now my hair is thick due to my last henna treatment and I just can’t deal with it. I’ve been having a bad hair week, so, on Thursday I popped into town for a bit and randomly decided to buy a relaxer kit.

I got the African black soap yesterday and can I just tell you how excited I am to have it!

Next up is the Apricot face and body scrub. I probably won’t be needing it if I choose to stick with the black soap but am running out of the one I have been using which is why I bought this jar. Besides, I absolutely love the product. Or maybe am just looking for a reason to shop? My (hair stuff) shopping ban ends in May!

Turns out the Karen Hospital Heart Run is today! This totally slipped my mind so you can imagine my surprise when I saw people on the road…running. Aren’t the roads usually blocked to allow this kind of stuff to go on? Anyway, all for a good cause.

Heart run

heart run

Did you take part in the run?

Henna treatment – March

I finally got around to doing this!


There has been water rationing going on in my home area and that just dissuaded me from hennaing my hair. Well, that, and laziness. My last henna treatment was around 9 weeks ago.

Anyway, on Monday, the water issue was sorted out so i went ahead and did an oil prepoo followed by a henna treatment. My hair had was a little dry last week hence the oil prepoo. Henna generally leaves my hair feeling rough/dry/hard so i just wanted to cushion it from all that.

I kept the henna in my hair for about 12 hours, till yesterday morning (that was unintentional), then did a 45 minute deep conditioning treatment afterwards. I had to leave the house by 9:30 so i didn’t have much time to spend on my hair. I just put it in a low bun and let it dry throughout the day.

Layered cuts and bangs

I read somewhere that having one-length hair or generally long hair (think mid-back to waist length hair), makes you look older. Now am here like 😐

I love the way layered cuts look, i just can’t won’t commit to snipping off that much hair (maybe in the future?). Lord knows how many times i’ve said i want bangs…and yet here i am, without bangs. The longer my hair gets, the more reluctant i am to get them.

Anyway, i know for sure that i’ll get bangs one day, maybe sooner than i think because i plan to start wearing my hair down a lot more. I’ve been too dependent on buns and ponytails. I feel like i need a “structured/shaped” straight hairstyle. Something different. Am just conflicted ::sigh::

Hair terminology

This is a requested post. I’ll do a more extensive one later going into more detail and what not but for now, here are a few hair terminologies that are common in the hair journey world. I hope this will be helpful to anyone who has just recently started learning about healthy hair care.

EL – Ear Length
NL – Neck Length
SL – Shoulder Length
APL – Arm Pit Length
BSL – Bra Strap Length
BSB – Below Shoulder Blade
MBL – Mid Back Length
WL – Waist Length Hair

Moisturizing & Sealing
Moisturizing is basically adding water, hair lotion, hair butter or a homemade mix to your hair to replenish lost moisture. Black hair/African hair/Afro hair is prone to dryness (and thus breakage) so its a good idea to moisturize it as needed. Focus more on the tips/ends of the hair as these are the oldest parts of the strands.
After moisturizing hair, one must use an oil to seal in the moisture. This will keep your hair from drying too quickly. It will also kepp the hair soft and prevent frizz.

Oil prepoo
This is a pre-shampoo treatment done by saturating hair with a natural oil of your choice for a given period of time (30 minutes to several hours). You can choose to sit under a hooded dryer as the heat generated there helps the oil penetrate the hair strands faster. Alternatively, you can just go about your daily routine as the oil penetrates your hair. Remember to cover your hair with a shower cap and maybe a scarf to keep the oil from running down your neck and ruining what you’re wearing. Check out the benefits of doing an oil prepoo here

Also known as conditioner washing. This is washing your hair with just conditioner. Shampoo is not used at all. This is done when you want to replenish lost moisture or to just freshen your hair (e.g after a workout). Since frequent shampooing is discouraged, cowashing is perfect for those who like to wash their hair more than once a week.

Deep condition
Applying a deep penetrating conditioner (not the one you rinse off after its been in your hair for a few minutes). Otherwise known as treatment here in Kenya. Other people call it a hair masque. You apply it and sit under a steamer, or cover your hair with a shower cap and sit under a hooded dryer for upto 20 minutes (or longer if you please). You can also leave it on your hair for several hours while you go about your duties, e.t.c It adds moisture to the hair, making it soft and strong.

When the comb easily glides through the hair that is laden with conditioner. Also used to describe a conditioner that allows this easy comb movement.

This is snipping off the very ends of your hair. The length of hair that is snipped off is usually very small such that once its all collected, it looks like dust.

This varies from dusting in that the length off hair taken off is longer…half an inch or more.

Search and Destroy
This is going through individual strands of hair searching for split ends and destroying (snipping) them [once you find them]. It sounds time consuming, most people do it when they are bored or just passing time.

12 weeks post

Am 12 weeks 4 days post relaxer today!

I wore my hair straight (and down) for 4 weeks straight. That meant going for 2 weeks at a time without washing it. I normally wash my hair once a week (sometimes twice a week) so you can imagine how happy i was to finally wash it yesterday.

Before shampooing

Before shampooing

I decided to clarify my hair because it had been 2 weeks since my last wash and i just needed to get my hair and scalp squeaky clean. I used the Enliven shampoo.

After clarifying

After clarifying

I added some glycerin and coconut oil to my deep conditioner. As you can tell from the picture below, i like to thoroughly coat my hair with the product. Thank God its cheap 😀

Deep conditioning

Deep conditioning

Right before i rinsed off the deep conditioner, i detangled my hair. That was actually easy but i lost a lot of hair…or it seemed more than i usually lose (shedding).

Rinsed. With no product

Rinsed. With no product

I pulled my hair back so that i could stretch my roots (new growth). I have slightly over 1 inch of new growth.


I decided to air dry my hair in a bun because it tends to get big, frizzy and overly dry if left in a ponytail.

Air drying

Air drying

Its been a while since i wore my hair in a bun. I took it down in the evening and i don’t plan on rocking buns for a while.

Happy St. Patrick’s day!