Supplements: what am taking

This is the supplement i have been taking for the past 3 weeks. (I’ve actually had it since last year…i just never got round to taking it).

Omega 3 ,6 ,7, 9

Omega 3 ,6 ,7, 9


So last November, i developed hormonal acne which i attributed to the intense workouts i was doing at the time. I had just gotten back to working out (i mentioned that here).

Now, during exercise, the hormone testosterone shoots up and in women, it can cause a hormonal imbalance (as was my case. I even had 1 chin hair. Embarrassing. I know. But its true. I got rid of it though 🙂 ).

The hormone eventually balances out. For me, that didn’t happen easily. My acne would clear up for a few days then develop, then clear up…it was a horrible cycle to say the least. I even stopped wearing makeup…still not wearing any to this day. Okay, i do my eyes 😀

If you’ve had hormonal acne, you know its not like the regular acne. At least mine wasn’t. Its not like getting a pimple then blackhead and what not. What i had were relatively large painful bumps (sometimes pimples) on my jawline. Kinda inflamed too.

Back to the supplement, i first took it on a Wednesday night and the following morning, the inflammation had gone down significantly. I could touch my jawline without wincing! After a week of taking the fish oil, the hormonal acne cleared up! (now i have to deal with the scarring 😦 )

Omega 3 fatty acids help to balance out hormones. TRUTH!

I had that hormonal acne for about three months (till last month) and while i’d like to blame it all on the testosterone influx, stress played a role too, not to mention my poor eating habits. I also stopped working out consistently – went from working out 6 days a week to working out 0-3 days a week 😮

I thought i should share this with you because i sometimes get questions about whether or not i take supplements to help grow my hair. I don’t always take supplements. When i do, its usually a fish oil, flax seeds or flax seed oil, and i don’t do it to grow my hair (i mentioned that here too).

Last year i probably took a total of 5 fish oil gel capsules (snuck my Mum’s 😀 )

Other supplements i have taken in the past…

Omega 3

Omega 3

Flax seed oil

Flax seed oil

seven seas cod liver oil

8 thoughts on “Supplements: what am taking

  1. If there’s one thing i like about you Joyce,it’s got to be your honesty…it’s a breath of fresh air and i want you to know that it’s highly appreciated,God bless you my child;) Haha:) Anywho,i’ve been thinking of taking supplements for a while now and i think my mind’s made up…i’ll try Omega 3 and see how it goes! Btw,i expected to see your blog in the BAKE awards nominations…your blog is informative and you have the biggest fan in me(no lesbo)….next time though no?
    Keep up the good work!!!

  2. You take all those? Woooooooooooooooooooooow, well done. I’m really lazy with supplements. I remember my hair flourished more when I took Prenatals and Omega 3 supplements….more for my baby than for my hair…! Maybe I should go buy some and start taking them religiously again….beauty inside out.

    • Am only taking the one in the first pic right now. The ones in the other pics are just supplements i’ve taken in the past. I tend to forget to take them so i’ve resorted to placing them next to my computer or tv where am bound to look 🙂 I’ve heard good things about prenatal vitamins for hair growth…one day 😀

    • Its worked pretty well. I don’t have anymore breakouts on my jawline, no painful bumps/inflammation. What i described in this post as hormonal acne…its totally gone. I still get the occasional pimple here and there though, but that i can handle.

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