12 weeks post

Am 12 weeks 4 days post relaxer today!

I wore my hair straight (and down) for 4 weeks straight. That meant going for 2 weeks at a time without washing it. I normally wash my hair once a week (sometimes twice a week) so you can imagine how happy i was to finally wash it yesterday.

Before shampooing

Before shampooing

I decided to clarify my hair because it had been 2 weeks since my last wash and i just needed to get my hair and scalp squeaky clean. I used the Enliven shampoo.

After clarifying

After clarifying

I added some glycerin and coconut oil to my deep conditioner. As you can tell from the picture below, i like to thoroughly coat my hair with the product. Thank God its cheap πŸ˜€

Deep conditioning

Deep conditioning

Right before i rinsed off the deep conditioner, i detangled my hair. That was actually easy but i lost a lot of hair…or it seemed more than i usually lose (shedding).

Rinsed. With no product

Rinsed. With no product

I pulled my hair back so that i could stretch my roots (new growth). I have slightly over 1 inch of new growth.


I decided to air dry my hair in a bun because it tends to get big, frizzy and overly dry if left in a ponytail.

Air drying

Air drying

Its been a while since i wore my hair in a bun. I took it down in the evening and i don’t plan on rocking buns for a while.

Happy St. Patrick’s day!


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