Henna treatment – March

I finally got around to doing this!


There has been water rationing going on in my home area and that just dissuaded me from hennaing my hair. Well, that, and laziness. My last henna treatment was around 9 weeks ago.

Anyway, on Monday, the water issue was sorted out so i went ahead and did an oil prepoo followed by a henna treatment. My hair had was a little dry last week hence the oil prepoo. Henna generally leaves my hair feeling rough/dry/hard so i just wanted to cushion it from all that.

I kept the henna in my hair for about 12 hours, till yesterday morning (that was unintentional), then did a 45 minute deep conditioning treatment afterwards. I had to leave the house by 9:30 so i didn’t have much time to spend on my hair. I just put it in a low bun and let it dry throughout the day.


2 thoughts on “Henna treatment – March

  1. I was beginning to wonder where you had disappeared to, kumbe it was water rationing…. lol. I have been thinking of doing a henna treatment for a while now. I started doing black tea rinses to stop some shedding that I noticed in the middle of my head. This made me hesitant to incorporate henna into my regimen coz I felt like it would be too much for my hair because of the resulting hardness from both processes. Have you ever tried black tea rinses?

    • The Nairobi water co. is really messing up my wash days :/

      I did a black tea rinse once and that was way back before i started my hair journey. I remember that my hair got a little hard but i don’t know if it helped minimize shedding. I was actually doing it for kicks 🙂

      I would recommend you try doing a henna treatment. Go for Nupur henna or any other one you find that has other powders mixed in too. Some of those powders are beneficial to the scalp in that they strengthen the hair follicles thus reducing hair fall/shedding. Hennaing is a good scalp treatment….prevents dandruff, itchy scalp, all that.

      If you choose to henna, know that your hair will get a reddish-brown tint. Also, pick either the henna or black tea rinse…no need to do both. Check out these two posts i did:
      stop shedding
      ayurvedic powders and their benefits

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