April Henna update

Am 2 weeks 1 day post relaxer today!

This is pretty much how i’ve been wearing my hair since relaxer day.

My everyday hair

2 week old hair

I hennaed my hair yesterday and just now realized that i did it a week early (3 weeks since my last). Oh well, no harm done. Onto yesterday’s wash routine: I started off by detangling my hair in sections. Then i applied the henna paste.

henna head

My henna mix comes out differently each time. Yesterday’s was somewhat thick and it actually felt like i was carrying some weight on my head (so i decided to lie down, and ended up falling asleep 😮 )

after henna

After rinsing off the henna, i applied some deep conditioner (mixed with coconut oil and glycerin) and left it on for about an hour and a half.

deep conditioning

After rinsing off the deep conditioner, i wrapped my hair in a towel for a few minutes, then let it hang loose for a few more minutes as got ready, applied some leave-in conditioner and heat protectant (serum), then i blew it dry. I didn’t let it dry completely. The final step was putting it in a braid…

pic from last week

pic from last week

This is how i plan to keep my hair on days when am home. When going out i’ll resort to the above braidout (first pic).


What i’ve learnt…

…since i started my hair journey/relaxed my hair.

1) All hair grows. Unless of course one has a medical condition that prevents that. So many ladies are fond of saying that their hair won’t grow, and they truly believe that. I mean, if i didn’t know any better, i’d believe it too especially if my hair stayed at the same length year after year. What they need to realize is that their hair is breaking off at the same rate its growing. So there really isn’t any increase in length. “Deal with the breakage and watch your hair get long”, thats what i’d say to them.

2) Water is your friend! Most people wait till their hair is dirty to wash it. I used to do that too. Now i wash it more often not because its dirty, but because i need to replenish lost moisture. (one way to prevent breakage)

3) Stop frying your hair with blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons and curling wands! I own 3 of these hair tools but that doesn’t give me a free pass to use them all the time.

4) Trims are important. No product will seal or repair split ends. ’nuff said.

5) You can manage dandruff if you nourish and keep your scalp clean.

6) Oils, oils, oils. Natural oils to be precise. I don’t need to go into detail about these do i? Now of course products like Dax were used on my hair when i was a little girl and it still thrived.

7) You don’t need to oil your scalp. Maybe some people need to. I only do it when my scalp gets itchy and am not ready to wash my hair.

8) Less products = flowy hair. I once had a lady stop me in town and she told me that the reason she stopped me was because of my flowy hair. That was a first. I’d worn it down that day.

9) Relaxed hair can thrive. Don’t i know it!

10) Use a wide tooth comb.

11) Be gentle with your hair.

12) Protect your hair when sleeping. Keep your hair from rubbing on all manner of rough fabrics. Cover it with a silk/satin scarf or alternatively, sleep on a satin pillowcase.

13) Watch how you style your hair. From personal experience, rocking tight buns all the time is bad. Go for tension free styles. No need to pull out your hair.

14) Leave in conditioners do work. I can tell the difference in the way my hair feels when i use leave in conditioner and when i forget to use it. It softens my hair.

15) Cheap products work just as well. You’ve seen some of the products i use. They’re cheap and they work great. Not all cheap products are good though.

16) Its okay to go to the salon. I have a hairdresser i can go to if i chose to. Find a one you trust and you’ll be okay. If you don’t like whats been done to your hair, speak up! I mean, its YOUR hair. If you have to give instructions, be tactful…people don’t like being told how to do their jobs.

17) Do you. Just because i wash my hair x times a week or buy Y products and trim my hair z times a year doesn’t mean you should do that. Find what works for you and roll with it.

18) Have patience. After all, its a virtue.

This post was requested by Tess here.

Happy Sunday!

Natural vs Relaxed…

…which has been easier for you?

(L) The night before i relaxed my hair (it was natural) (R) The next day after relaxer

(L) night before i relaxed my hair (R) next day after relaxing it

A: Relaxed.


1) I love wearing my hair straight. I don’t do it often but when i do, the straightening process is now easier and i don’t have to use so much heat. I’ve mentioned before that in my Uni days, i used to get my natural hair straightened all the time. To get it the way i wanted (bone straight), a lot of heat had to be used and that eventually resulted in me having very damaged hair.

2) Its now easy for me to retain length because my hair is not constantly breaking off. With my natural hair, most of the breakage i experienced (after i learnt about healthy hair care) was the result of tangling. Of course my hair still tangles up every now and then, but not as much as it did when i was natural. Yes, i could have been gentle with it back then but…it sometimes gets so frustrating.

3) Doing my relaxed hair takes less time.

4) I love sleek looks on me. When my hair was natural, i would use a lot of gel to get it all sleek and laid. Now i rarely use gel because my hair behaves the way i want it to 🙂

Now, this is not to say that i would not consider going natural some day. Lord knows i’ve thought about it and i sometimes genuinely miss my natural hair but, am going to rock this relaxed look till i can’t no more 😀 Besides, my hair is healthier this way due to less heat use and less manipulation.

Oh yea, and i got the questions from CookieMon in the comment section of this post.

Have a great Saturday!

Game of Thrones anyone?

Game of Thrones

Totally random post…i know. But who else is excited about the return of HBO’s Game of Thrones?! Season 4 premiers tonight but i’ll probably watch it tomorrow. Am so excited guys!

I mentioned my obsession with this show (and the books) here. I’m currently on the 5th book which means i know what to expect in the coming season…but, i know there’ll be a few surprises here and there. Besides, i might have a huge crush on one or two (or three) characters there and i can’t wait to see them back in action 😀

I think i’ve gotten over the character deaths that occurred in the last season. Quick question; has anyone else noticed the direction tv show creators are taking nowadays…killing off major characters? Whats that about? Am still coming to terms with the death of a character in yet another show! ::sigh:: Am too attached. I need a life…NOT! 😀

Back to the books. Remember how crisp and new my collection was? Now they look old, well read. I always have a book in my handbag whether i plan to read it or not, so taking them everywhere, switching bags and what not has somewhat worn them out.

I have to admit though that i’ve taken way too long to read them. I have a reading list for this year that am yet to start on. So, ummmm…yea.

Told you it was a totally random post 🙂

Relaxer update | April

Am 6 days post relaxer!


Yup! I relaxed my hair on the 1st of this month (last Monday), at 14 weeks 5 days post. As usual i used the ORS relaxer (normal) which i had bought a few days earlier. Having it in my room was too tempting. So i gave in. It was about time anyway. Here is all the stuff that came in the kit…


Always check the expiry date

Always check the expiry date

Doing my hair was actually a random plan. I had free time, a relaxer kit, and there was plenty of water – no water rationing. I didn’t take pictures this time. Didn’t even do a length check…

I started off by basing my scalp, ears, neck and forehead with Vaseline. Then i coated the already relaxed part of my hair with castor oil. The relaxer application step went by pretty fast and i had enough time to smooth my hair (this helps straighten the hair better).

Afterwards i rinsed off the relaxer, neutralized with the ORS creamy aloe shampoo and deep conditioned with the ORS replenishing conditioner. I added Extra virgin olive oil and peppermint oil to the deep conditioner (totally forgot that i use almond oil on relaxer days, but its all good).

I then applied some leave in conditioner and heat protectant and used a blow dryer to get my hair almost dry (damp?). Then i did 2 french braids. I wore it out in a braidout last week, then on Friday i did this french braid


I kept it in till today, took it down and rocked this bun for a while


Colour due to henna

Colour due to henna

I then put my hair back into a braid. I’ll mist it tonight then apply some oil and hopefully rock a braid out for the rest of the week. Am not ready to wash it yet. Its so soft and straight!