Relaxer update | April

Am 6 days post relaxer!


Yup! I relaxed my hair on the 1st of this month (last Monday), at 14 weeks 5 days post. As usual i used the ORS relaxer (normal) which i had bought a few days earlier. Having it in my room was too tempting. So i gave in. It was about time anyway. Here is all the stuff that came in the kit…


Always check the expiry date

Always check the expiry date

Doing my hair was actually a random plan. I had free time, a relaxer kit, and there was plenty of water – no water rationing. I didn’t take pictures this time. Didn’t even do a length check…

I started off by basing my scalp, ears, neck and forehead with Vaseline. Then i coated the already relaxed part of my hair with castor oil. The relaxer application step went by pretty fast and i had enough time to smooth my hair (this helps straighten the hair better).

Afterwards i rinsed off the relaxer, neutralized with the ORS creamy aloe shampoo and deep conditioned with the ORS replenishing conditioner. I added Extra virgin olive oil and peppermint oil to the deep conditioner (totally forgot that i use almond oil on relaxer days, but its all good).

I then applied some leave in conditioner and heat protectant and used a blow dryer to get my hair almost dry (damp?). Then i did 2 french braids. I wore it out in a braidout last week, then on Friday i did this french braid


I kept it in till today, took it down and rocked this bun for a while


Colour due to henna

Colour due to henna

I then put my hair back into a braid. I’ll mist it tonight then apply some oil and hopefully rock a braid out for the rest of the week. Am not ready to wash it yet. Its so soft and straight!


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