Update on mayo treatment

Am 11 weeks post relaxer today!

This is going to be a long post…consider yourself warned 😀

I kept my hair in a bun for the better part of last week (wore it in a ponytail a few times too). I made sure that i moisturized and sealed it every.single.day. On the days i wore it in a ponytail, i would moisturize and seal it a second time once i got home then put it up in a bun.

Keeping my hair in a bun helped it retain moisture for a longer period. I noticed that my hair was also very soft which i attributed to the egg-mayo treatment i had done recently, although am sure the daily moisturizing helped with that as well.

One thing i left out in my last post was that the egg-mayo treatment was actually a relaxer prep. Yup. I was getting my hair ready for a relaxer. I was so fed up with my new growth which seemed to have sprouted up overnight once i got to 7 weeks post.

You might remember this post where i said that i would start taking my fitness journey seriously. Well, thats about the time my new growth kicked in. Maybe there really is more to this whole ‘exercise boosts hair growth’ story #Justsaying. Anyway, With the workouts, came the sweating. How did i deal with that? I’d sometimes rinse my hair with plain water. That just seemed to define my (new growths’) curl pattern even more and getting a comb through it was a nightmare. Bear in mind that i was wearing my hair in a loose braid everyday so my roots were not stretched.

Bottom line, i was ready to get a relaxer at 10 weeks and a few days post. That would have been my shortest relaxer stretch ever. BUT, after doing the mayo treatment, the relaxer can wait because my hair is so soft and easy to manage right now. Granted i’ve been rocking a simple bun, but still…

I finally got to experience the softness that comes with doing a mayo treatment (after saying it made my hair hard). Now i know what they were talking about 😀

I have decided that if for whatever reason, the Perfect cosmetics hot oil hair cream (my current deep conditioner) gets discontinued, goes out of stock or God forbid i run out, mayonnaise will be my deep conditioner of choice. It might cost more but its worth it.

Okay, fast forward to this past Sunday
I shampooed my hair with Suave shampoo, did a deep conditioning treatment for slightly under 2 hours, rinsed my hair, applied some leave-in conditioner and some oil, then put my hair up in a bun.

This time i mixed my deep conditioner with some honey, extra virgin olive oil and a little mayo that i had left over from the week before – I don’t believe it had expired yet 😀 And my hair didn’t smell of mayo.


Egg and Mayo hair treatment

Am 9 weeks 4 days post relaxer today!

9 weeks post relaxer - new growth

9 weeks post relaxer – new growth

I’ve been having a bad hair week due to an itchy scalp. All i could think off was dousing my scalp with coconut oil – that always offers some relief. However, i figured it would be better to just clarify my hair and freshen up my scalp. So, yesterday morning i woke up and shampooed my hair with Enliven shampoo (it has sulfates and leaves my hair-scalp squeaky clean). I let my hair airdry before proceeding to the next step.


The plan was to follow up with a deep conditioning treatment (last one was about 2 weeks ago). This time round i decided to use mayonnaise. My mum had a full jar of the stuff and the expiry date on it was 4 days from today. She was going to toss it in the bin, but i told her i’d use it on my hair instead 🙂


A lil’ info about mayonnaise for hair
Like many store-bought hair masks, mayonnaise contains oils that deeply moisturize hair making it perfect for dry or chemically processed hair. It coats hair and in doing so, adds shine and protects it from heat styling. The protein present in mayonnaise strengthens weak strands thus preventing breakage. Vinegar, also present in mayo, restores damaged hair to a healthy pH. The contents of mayonnaise are also great for nourishing/conditioning the scalp.


Hair mask

I added some honey, extra virgin olive oil and 1 egg to the mayonnaise, stirred it up and applied it to my freshly shampooed, nearly dried hair. Most sources advice against shampooing hair first but my scalp was too itchy and dirty; i just felt gross…had to do something about it first.

After detangling my hair  - before shampooing

After detangling my hair – before shampooing

Freshly shampooed and air-dried

Freshly shampooed and air-dried

Mayo hair mask

Application was easy due to the creamy consistency of the mixture. As usual, i slathered the stuff to my hair, basically coating every strand. My hair instantly felt hard…i could still manipulate it but i wasn’t soft at all. It felt like you’d expect it to after doing a protein treatment. Actually, it felt the way it usually does when i do an egg treatment.

Mayo & egg hair mask

Mayo & egg hair mask

I covered my hair with a plastic bag (shower caps just never work for me) then secured that with a scarf. I left the mixture on for about 45 minutes. After that time was up, i rinsed my hair with cold water. You don’t want to use warm or hot water, if you do, you’ll end up with cooked egg(s) in your hair. No bueno.


I honestly hadn’t planned on doing a moisturizing deep conditioning treatment afterwards. Mayo is supposed to make your hair soft (or so they say). My hair was still hard after the treatment, not necessarily a bad thing. The way it felt, that just means that the treatment worked (as a strengthening treatment). I think adding an egg to my mixture is what caused my hair to feel hard. I’ll have to use mayo on its own to see if thats the case. Another reason for doing the deep conditioning treatment afterwards was because my hair stunk :/ It stunk of mayo and egg uugghh! Had to get rid of that.

Moving along…The last step to my seemingly long wash day was the actual deep conditioning treatment. This time i didn’t bother adding anything to the product. I used it as is (left it on as i worked out). My hair softened up and smelt fruity in the end 🙂

Perfect Cosmetics hot oil hair cream

Perfect Cosmetics hot oil hair cream

Deep conditioning

I air dried it in a bun similar to this one.

old pic

old pic

My last protein treatment was about 9 months ago and my last henna treatment was 7 weeks ago

Shampooing before hennaing, henna vs protein

Questions by Ciku

When you do your henna treatments, do you wash/clean your hair first?
I don’t wash my hair before doing a henna treatment because the henna i use (Nupur henna) has Bhringraj powder which is a natural cleanser. Before i started using this henna, i was using Resham herbal hair henna which contains Shikakai powder, a natural shampoo.

I just don’t see the point of cleansing my hair beforehand since henna is going to do that anyway. And my hair does get really clean after just doing the henna treatment, almost like its been clarified.

I also noticed that you last did a protein treatment last year. Is that because they do the same thing?
Yes, henna and protein treatments do the same thing. They strengthen the hair. I prefer henna over protein treatments because it offers so many benefits.