Week 14

14 weeks 3 days to be exact.

Am surprised at how soft my new growth is at this point of my relaxer stretch. Well, i really shouldn’t be. I mean, I’ve been misting my roots daily and trying to seal in the moisture with oil.

I have zero problems passing a comb through my roots…been combing my hair daily too. I just don’t want to deal with a lot of shed hair or matted roots.

I plan to relax my hair this coming Sunday. Yes, despite this smooth sailing, I just can’t do the daily bunning anymore. Uggghhh! its boring and now I feel bored and boring. I also don’t want to do the ponytail thing.

Anyways, i really want to rock a braid out (I like doing that on freshly relaxed hair). I also can’t wait to straighten my hair. Haven’t done that in 4 months! Which reminds me, I have a trim and length-check coming up next month. I hope all this bunning I’ve been doing pays off :s



I haven’t posted anything here in 3 weeks but I have a few posts saved on my phone…never published them due to some #bloggerproblems . Anyway, here are weeks 12 &13 updates just as I saved them. I hope this post isn’t confusing :/

12 weeks post relaxer
This relaxer stretch was initially slated to end at this point but I’ll keep going for another 2 weeks or so. I’ve managed to keep my new growth soft by washing my hair twice a week: Shampooing-deep conditioning during the weekend and cowashing in the middle of the week. I’ve also been rocking a bun (a lot) so thats been keeping my hair nicely tucked away from this dry Kenyan winter air we’re experiencing.

Hair issues aside, my fitness journey is still on. I switched up my workouts yesterday so for the next 4 weeks things are going to be tough. Yesterdays’ workout was actually horrible. I broke a sweat yes but I was so confused (what with the new moves and all)…i felt that that wasn’t my best workout. Last week was recovery week for me which meant doing lighter workouts. I have a feeling that made me lose my momentum. That, and the fact that i spent the weekend eating junk food – birthday weekend.

12 weeks 6 days post relaxer
I did an egg treatment at 12 weeks post. What I really should have done was a henna treatment but I was not in the mood for a long wash day.

I completely forgot to do a shampoo wash and went right into ‘egging’ my hair. Anyway, i did the egg treatment, followed up with a moisturizing deep conditioning treatment, applied some leave in conditioner and some extra virgin olive oil and then finally put it back up in a bun.

13 weeks 5 days post relaxer
I washed my hair with Suave shampoo, then Cream of nature sulfate free shampoo and then I did a deep conditioning treatment.

I really wanted to clarify my hair but I didn’t want to deal with the tangling that comes with that which is why I used Suave shampoo (has sulfates but doesn’t cause much tangling). I used the sulfate free shampoo because I knew it would soften my hair and ‘melt’ away any tangles I might have had. And it did that. In fact, I detangled my hair while it was all lathered up in the shampoo!

All in all, I had a great wash day and my hair ended up in a bun. I want it to retain as much moisture as it can because I don’t plan to wash it for another week. My next wash will also be my relaxer day and I need my hair to still be nice, soft and moisturized.

All that aside, I’ve officially run out of deep conditioner. I haven’t bought any hair products since my February haul and while I still have some unopened/unused stuff from back then, I need to repurchase other products. Hair haul coming soon!