Relaxer update – July

Hi guys 🙂 long time right? Hope you’re all doing well.

I relaxed my hair on the 14th of last month at 14 weeks 6 days post but am just going to round that off to 15 weeks post. Am currently 4 weeks 4 days post so this post is super late. As usual, I used the ORS relaxer kit in normal which now costs Ksh.580! That’s Ksh.14 up from last time 😦 . Call me frugal. I actually bought the kit once I hit 13 weeks because I had planned to do my hair that day but I just couldn’t find the time to do it.

Relaxer kit

This time round I got a free bonnet inside. Its been years since I last wore one of these to bed (am a scarf-kind-of-girl). I haven’t used it yet but am happy that it’s a size Large and the elastic isn’t flimsy. It’ll serve me well 😀

Hair bonnet


I basically did the same things I always do on relaxer days, i.e. based my scalp, hairline and ears with Vaseline to prevent relaxer burns, (I also applied Vaseline to the length of my hair to keep it from getting over processed), clipped my hair up, applied the relaxer to my new growth, smoothed it out, rinsed off the relaxer, neutralized it and then finally did a deep conditioning treatment.

Before relaxing. Can you see my new growth?

Before relaxing. Can you see my new growth?

I self-relaxed my hair at a comfortable pace; finished the application step early and then took my time with the smoothing step. I think I went overboard with that though. I remember feeling a mild burning sensation and thinking, “I really should rinse this off now”, but no, I kept going. After a while, I hopped into the shower. I managed to rinse off the relaxer and do one shampoo wash before running out of water (due to water rationing in my area). Since that was unexpected and I had no hot water with me, I finished off my wash with cold water.

Texture shot

Texture shot

deep conditioning time

deep conditioning time

After rinsing off the deeep conditioner, i towel blotted my hair, applied some leave-in conditioner and some oil, then finally plaited it into 2 braids.

That was it for my relaxer day.


8 thoughts on “Relaxer update – July

    • Hi Virginia, I try to keep it short and simple. Don’t rush into ‘self relaxing’, i still freak out whenever am doing my hair. I did a random length check but will do a proper one in a few weeks time when i straighten my hair again.

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