So i went to the Salon…

My last salon visit was on the 1st of March 2013 (almost 1 year 4 months ago). You all know I do my hair myself at home so on this visit I was only going to get my eyebrows done (threading)- been trying to grow them out for a while now. I get them done at the same place I used to get my hair done.

Turns out that salon is no more. They moved and I didn’t even know. Serves me right for being gone for so long :/ In its place was a clothes shop. I thought of calling my old hairdresser when I got there but I didn’t even have his contacts…lost them when my phone was stolen last year! So as I was standing there trying to figure my next move, I heard someone rushing in my direction and shock shock, it was him. Jimmy my old hairdresser!

He led me to (another) nearby salon and told me that he now worked there (I didn’t even get the name of the salon…next time). He was being very elusive when I asked him where the other guys moved to. Can’t blame him.

So of course he asked why I no longer go to him to do my hair – he could see I was freshly relaxed and couldn’t keep his hands out of my hair, all the while I was silently praying that he wouldn’t feel the relaxer burn scabs 😮

He said my hair was longer and that I should go in for a rollerset. I was rocking a 3 day old braidout that he clearly didn’t like. He asked what i had done to it….If I had just washed it and left it at that. I think he was just hating 😀 I wasn’t offended. He just really really wanted to do my hair, and he does a good job, I’ll give him that. Am now toying with the idea of letting him do my hair because i really miss getting rollersets and sitting under a dryer 🙂

Anyway, he recommended someone who could do my eyebrows. I was antsy about letting someone new do them because one lady did it wrong one time and for weeks I walked around looking like I was in a permanent state of shock!


7 thoughts on “So i went to the Salon…

  1. Good read. I miss roller sets too sometimes. But I can’t make myself go to the salon for fear of my hair being mishandled eg combing through tangles from scalp to tip on wet hair using a small tooth comb! 😦 . I’m saving up for a hooded dryer. Do you know a place they sell them so that i can go for window shopping?

    • Thanks Evalyne, I know what you mean. You can try and tactfully explain to the hair dresser how you want your hair done. Nobody likes to be told how to do their job but you have to remember that its your hair and you’re paying for the service.
      About the hooded dryer, i was also saving up for one but i changed my mind about getting it. I’ve seen them at ‘Tuskys’ and ‘Bestlady’. Not sure about the quality though.

      • Hey Evalyne and Joyce, I know what you mean Eve. I usually wash my hair, DC it then after detangling and applying my leave-in is when I go to the neighbourhood salon for a roller set. It’s usually easier for me that way coz I find air drying not successful for me…sema frizzing! About the hooded dryer, BestLady sells for around ksh17,000. There are also many shops I’ve seen along River Rd. that sell salon equipment. I’m also thinking of saving for one.

  2. LoL you had me laughing at how your salon was replaced with a clothing store… this is my best story ever.
    Hairdresser will want you back in his chair coz you make him money!

    I just recently found a salon I can visit more than once a year I suppose I will get my trims done there. I found them coz i read a salon review from a local blogger in my area.

    • You can imagine my shock when i got there ’cause thats the only salon i used to go to 😀 Lucky you, you found a hairdresser! I also read a blog and saw the work of a certain hairdresser so if i ever need some sort of stylish cut, i’ll go to her. Thanks for checking out my blog..

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