My 1 week post wash

After getting a relaxer, I don’t wash my hair till I get to 2 weeks post. I love how silky freshly relaxed hair is and I just like to keep it like that for a while longer. However, due to the relaxer burns I had experienced, washing my hair early seemed like a good idea especially since I didn’t have any open wounds/sores on my scalp and wasn’t in pain. The scabs were still there like a freakish reminder of what had happened. I just wanted to get them off.

So, on my first post relaxer wash, I used Enliven shampoo and Enliven conditioner. I didn’t do a deep conditioning treatment because I was in a rush – Monday morning. I let my hair airdry in a bun for the day. When I got home that evening, I checked my scalp and it was back to normal. No scabs, just regular feeling smooth scalp. I didn’t have any bumps or anything of the sort.


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