Straight hair + trim

I straightened my hair 2 weeks ago on the 9th, at 3 weeks 5 days post. By then, I had gone for 5 months without using heat on my hair. I also trimmed it on that same day. My last trim was about 6 months ago.

I’ll try and not make this post too wordy so here are the pics I took.

Started off with this bird's nest

Started off with this bird’s nest

I’d been wearing my hair in a bun for the first 2 weeks of my relaxer stretch. Normally I’d rock a curly do at that point of my stretch but my braid outs had been major fails, and you know when all else fails – BUN IT 😀





See what shampoo does to my hair? Tangles all the way. I used Enliven shampoo which I totally love because it gets all the gunk out. I think its important to do a clarifying wash if you plan on straightening your hair because you don’t want the heat to cake dirt and product residue onto your strands.

DC mix

Keeping it simple with my deep conditioning mix. I’ve been using olive oil a lot nowadays, along with almond oil because with the temperatures dropping, coconut oil is no fun to use in its solid state. Am also using honey a lot more (instead of glycerin) because I have copious amounts of the stuff in the house.

Deep conditioner application

Deep conditioner application



You know how I do it, a plastic bag then a scarf on top … and then I go about my Saturday morning chores or workout.

Slightly airdried after deep conditioning

Slightly airdried after deep conditioning

Blow dried

Blow dried

no vol

The back left section is straightened while the right is not. See how much volume has been lost in the process? Why again do I love straight hair?

Halfway done. Textured roots at 3 wks post

Halfway done. Textured roots at 3 wks post



I can’t even explain how this happened. Whats more irritating is how they just stick up! I had to use some product to lay them down.

My camera broke a while back so am yet to take a proper length-check pic but here’s one I snapped using my phone.

random shot

My hair is trimmed at this point. I was careful not to snip off a lot of hair like last time and I think I did okay. I’ve gained a little length, not quite the 3 inches I was going for but well,…this is still progress regardless. I took another pic a few days later hoping for more length but yea, it was still the same 😀

Random shot 2

And yes, I live in loungewear 😀 Hoodies, tanks, sweatpants, yoga pants. That’s my look right now.


9 thoughts on “Straight hair + trim

  1. Like Really! Have I been gone for that long?! Like really, when did your hair grow that long? I need to get back on my hair journey. I’m suffering the fruits of laziness. Washed my hair for the first time on my own yesterday after about two months, been going to the salon since my last relaxer in june. I havent been moisturizing regularly hence split ends, got an inch trimmed off but somehow some are still there, and then the dry scalp, I cant even deal!! But I believe I’m getting back on board, I hope I stick to it. Thanx for the motivation, your hair looks good.

  2. Woooow, I’m drooling at your hair right now. I’m so jealous…when will my hair ever reach there??!! I’m just brazing shoulder length but I need to trim my ends coz of thinning. I love your hair. When my hair grows up, I want it to be like yours 🙂

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