Am Transitioning,…

…and no. Not to natural hair but to texlaxed hair.

For those who may not be aware, my hair is not in its natural state. It is chemically straightened, what we refer to as relaxed, and for my fellow Kenyans, i believe the term we like to use is permed 🙂

Texlaxing which is purposely under processing the hair results in a looser curl pattern or fairly textured hair. Relaxing on the other hand leaves one with straight to fairly straight (not too straight) hair. Was that confusing? I hope not.

I consider myself relaxed even though you can clearly tell from the pictures i put up that my hair is somewhat textured. I just don’t think its textured enough to warrant the title Texlaxed.

I’ve mentioned wanting to transition to texlaxed hair a handful of times here on my blog but now i really want to do it. I made this final decision a few weeks ago after taking a look at this pic i had taken…



First of all, my hair isn’t that full/thick. Most of it had been pulled to the side. Still, i couldn’t get over how it looked. As pointed out in my previous post, that was pre-washed hair that had been air-dried during its last wash. I remember wishing it would look like that even after straightening it. That didn’t happen. All of a sudden i wanted bigger and thicker hair. Just not natural hair. Best next thing? Texlaxed hair.

Another reason that made me want to texlax is that, after wearing my hair straight for only 3 days, all i wanted to do was wash it. It just pissed me off really, but i think that had more to do with my current hair length and not the loss of volume. (more on that later)

Am not keen on going back to natural. I mean, i was natural from birth till like 3 years ago. Am almost 30 people! I enjoyed enough years as a natural 🙂 I did the whole shebang – puffs, wash & go’s, bantu-knot outs, braid outs…i wasn’t good at it, but i had my fun.

I’ve enjoyed having relaxed hair and part of me wants to keep it as is. I might decide not to transition…i know. Decisions, decisions. But at least i have about 4 more weeks to mull over this. Am 7 weeks post today.

Should i end up texlaxing, am nervous that i might not like the end result. Am also worried about the different textures i’ll have to deal with (relaxed, texlaxed, new growth/natural).

On the bright side, am excited about having thicker hair! Hope i’ll be able to manage it :D. Am also looking forward to getting a little bit of these waves throughout my head…

'Bunny' tail

In the above pics, my hair was natural and heat damaged. It was mostly straight with few to no curls.

I have a feeling i might be on a slippery slope back to natural, i just don’t know it yet :/


9 thoughts on “Am Transitioning,…

  1. Your hair looks awesome. There is a very big difference between your natural heat damaged hair and your relaxed hair. You have gained a lot of length. When did you start your hair journey?

  2. texlaxed for almost two years and I honestly love my hair. can be deceivingly natural looking with the help of some styling products and similarly easy to manage and keep straight with
    out any heat.

  3. Hi Joyce love your hair. I too texlax. It been a year now and I have only good things to say. My only issue is I don’t self relax and I moved towns so my hairdresser is now far away 😦 What that has done is taught me to stretch my relaxers. Currently on week 24 post and still going. Trging for 33. I think try it. Thicker hair and hair that breaks less were the benefits for me

    • Hi Alma, am happy to hear from yet another person who is texlaxed and loving it. My first stretch was about 26 weeks long and i thought i did good by my hair…not so sure anymore, but i was still new to this relaxed hair journey thing. Right now my stretches are between 15-16 weeks long and am okay with that. The benefits you got are exactly what am looking for. I have a few more weeks before my next retouch so we’ll see how that goes.

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