New ORS hair products

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I hope these products hit our shelves soon because that Sulfate-free hydrating shampoo looks so inviting! I can’t wait to add it to my collection of ORS hair products. This is what it promises:

Hydrates hair, preventing dryness and provides easy detangling on relaxed, natural and color-treated hair…respects the hair and scalp with gentle cleansing and no stripping or depleting hair of its natural oils.

Its my understanding that the Built-in protection new growth no-lye hair relaxer is just like the ORS relaxer i use. The difference is not in the formulation but the quantity. It claims to be…

…right-sized for touch-ups, short hair styles, and zone relaxing which is retouching a target section or “zone” of the head.

I’ve heard of ladies who like to relax only their hairline to keep it all slick during long relaxer stretches. I think this product would be perfect for them because they don’t need a whole lot of it. It comes in normal and extra strength.

Remember this post where i mentioned Beautiful textures’ Texture manageabilty system? Well, turns out ORS has a similar product in their HAIRepair line called the Straightening & Strengthening Treatment. I’d love to try it out too.

Straightening and strengthening treatment

*pics are not mine*…obviously.


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