Workouts| Then and now


Yep. Thats what i do.

Its already been a year (slightly over a year actually) since i decided to start working out. I initially started off by doing the squat & plank challenges (i think there was another challenge too but i don’t remember which one it was).

Squat Challenge

Squat Challenge

Plank Challenge

Plank Challenge

The squats did a number on me (in under a week) so i took a break. Afterwards, i started doing pilates which i enjoyed for a week or so before switching to other workouts. At that point i was basically trying anything i came across. I’d heard about Insanity but never tried it and one day i decided to just go for it. That was around the time i put up this post.

I suffered an injury a few days into the workout and had to take some time off it. I started back again in late October. If you’re an avid reader of my blog, you know am not consistent when it comes to working out. However, the little i’ve been doing has transformed my body to some degree.

Last August i completed the entire Insanity program for the first time. Usually, i’d do a month then for whatever reason stop, lose my momentum and start the program all over again. Am back at it for round 2. Yesterday, i completed day 6 and today is rest day – my body needs to recuperate.

Am so excited about starting week 2!


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