Relaxer prep!

Last Sunday i did a protein treatment to strengthen my hair for my upcoming relaxer touch up. I’ve mentioned before that relaxers are damaging to hair in that they breakdown the bonds that hold protein (in the hair) together. Bottom line, chemicals weaken hair so its important to do a strengthening treatment a few days to a week before (and after) applying a relaxer to your hair.

I normally use henna to strengthen my hair but i was unwell that Sunday so hennaing my hair was out of the question. I just wanted to get the whole wash day routine over and done with in the least amount of time possible.

Because i had shampooed my hair 2 days prior, i didn’t need to do that again. I went straight into doing the protein treatment. I used 2 eggs for that.


I know a lot people say that eggs are not effective for this treatment because the protein molecules present in eggs are too large to penetrate the hair strand, but you know what? i still do it. It not as effective as henna but it works for me to some degree. To each his own i guess.

Anyways…, all i did was beat the eggs in a container and apply them to my already sectioned hair from root to tip. I initially thought i’d need more eggs because my hair seemed to have so much volume but 2 was all i needed.


Need i mention how messy this process is?



Afterwards, i covered my hair with a plastic bag which i then secured with a head scarf. I left the treatment on my hair for about 30 minutes as i tidied up the house.

Once that time was up i rinsed my hair with cold water (you have to use cold water), wrapped my hair in a towel to soak up the excess water and then made my deep conditioning mix.

deep Conditioner

I applied this 2nd treatment to my hair in sections, from root to tip, covered my hair in a plastic bag and then a scarf, and left in on for about an hour.

See my new growth vs relaxed hair?

See my new growth vs relaxed hair?

Once again, when that time was up, i rinsed my hair (this time in the shower), applied my after-wash products (leave-in conditioner + oil) and air dried my hair in a bun.


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