Length-check: 3 years in

3 years hj

3 years in

The pics with me in a white tee were taken yesterday and the other pic on relaxer day. I had some trouble taking good shots so these will have to do :/ The only major difference since i took my August length-check pics is the loss of volume, but thats to be expected with freshly relaxed straightened hair.

Getting past Bra-strap-length (BSL) is turning out to be quite the challenge. I feel like i’ve been stuck at this length since last year! Ok, i trimmed my hair back to Armpit-length (APL) this past February (and i got another minor trim 3 months ago) but still,…i need to get over this hump!

Am just going to go ahead and claim full BSL right now and set mid-back length (MBL) as my next goal.


Random: I used to crop my pics right at top or bottom of my bra strap because thats where my hair would fall. This time though i had to crop the pic a little lower because my hair is longer. Problem? Too much of me is exposed! I’ve had more than one person point out that its interesting how am comfortable showing off my back/bra and not my face. I get you now. No more bra pics 😀 Another thing, love handles. I just became aware of how much of that i have going on. Am going to have to dig deeper with my workouts.


12 thoughts on “Length-check: 3 years in

  1. Lol I remember that comment hahahaha! You can DIY a length check shirt that’s what I did or maybe that commenter will be more comfortable with you in a bikini top lol! Your hair looks lovely as always!

  2. Hey,
    I’m most probably part of the reason you have so many views on your site coz I check on it like twice a day to see if a new post is up 😊. I’m in love with your hair it’s thick and dark and gorgeous 😍 especially when you had it in a bun (a couple of posts back) I keep going back to stare at it 😍😍 I’m telling you it’s love. As much as you think you should see more length I think with the three years you’ve come a long way and it shows (I’m telling you it’s love). I’ve been on a hair journey for a year and my hair is probably worse off it’s see through and shorter than it was to begin with. Every time I read your blog I keep asking myself, ‘why can’t you be like hairjukie2011? Your hair would be longer by now! See how nice her hair is.’ Thank you so much for the inspiration 😊😊.

    • Hi Kui, thanks for checking out my blog, i’ll try and have posts up more regularly 🙂 I guess i have to stop being hard on myself and be glad for the progress i’ve made. Thanks for the kind words and for the love. You should send me a message regarding your hair regimen and maybe products and we’ll see how we can whip that hair of yours into shape 😀 Am serious. Send me a message and we’ll figure something out. All the best on your journey!

  3. Girl! You’re showing off your hair length nothing more to it than that ! I appreciate the bra pic in the sense that I can see the length you have retained! I’m not here to look at nothing else! I swear some people just have nothing better to do than criticize. Do it only if YOU feel to do it! Signed Nikita a fan!

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