30 by 30!

I don’t make New year resolutions. Thats not to say that i have nothing to look forward to in the coming year. No. I have goals that i plan to accomplish by next year. My Dad always tells me that if i set out to do something i should also set a deadline for it. I agree, majorly because am a procrastinator and i “need” the threat of a looming deadline to get things done 😀

Since everyone is making new year resolutions (and am not), i thought this would be an opportune time to share with you my 30 by 30 list (which i first mentioned here). The plan is to spend as little cash as i can to accomplish these things by 20th May 2015 – my birthday.

1) Do a 5K run. No walking. I really need to take up running.

2)Take a train to…anywhere. I’ve been on a train before. Just not a moving one :/

3) Do some volunteer work.

4) Plant a tree. I haven’t done that in years so planting just one tree will be a big deal because, you know…the environment and stuff…

5) Read at least 5 books in the next 5 months. Any kind of books. I used to pride myself on being a reader, now am just a disgrace to the reading community 😦

6) Cook a signature dish. This is going to be a tough one. Think positive! Think positive!

7) Sew myself a dress. I’ve wanted to do this for so long but somehow, crocheting took center stage instead.

8) Complete a month-long photo challenge. Selfies don’t count. Or do they?.

9) Be in the best shape in my life. Abs! Abs! Abs!

10) Sit through an entire sermon at church. I know how that sounds. Seems like lately i’ve been going to church for weddings & funeral services only, and when i do actually go to church, am late. Like very late.

11) Get a manicure/pedicure and/or massage. Yep. Never had either one of those.

12) Take a class and have fun with it.

13) Secure a second income.

14) Do something touristy – explore my city.

15) Attend a creative performance, like Spoken word, poetry reading…i loved poetry in high school. I wonder what happened to that girl.

16) Take a trip to visit someone i know.

17) Watch 30 classic films aka motion pictures.

18) Donate blood. The last time i did this was 5 years ago and the guy just kept filling these 2 bags with my blood. All i could think was, “i said take some of it, not all of it!” 😀 I’ve been stingy since then. Seriously though, i tried to donate during the Westgate attacks but they already had enough blood :/

Some things are personal and as such haven’t made it to the blog but i’ll try adding more stuff that i can actually share with you in the coming months till i get to #30.


Cantu shea butter


Leave-in conditioning repair cream

Shine, strong, long healthy hair, intense moisture to leave hair soft and manageable. Formulated for damaged, dry or coarse hair

What it does
Mends hair breakage
Repairs split ends and reduces frizz
Protects hair from heat damage
Hydrates and moisturizes with shea butter and natural oils

Great for: relaxed, natural, texturized, coloured or Permed hair

How to use
Daily styling
Leave-in treatment
For frizz-free hair

My take:
This product has a creamy soufflé-like consistency which i love.


Its also got a sweet subtle scent that i can’t quite place…i don’t know how to describe it. I noticed that my hair still carries this scent days after i’ve used the product. It almost as if it masks the coconut oil scent everyone (except me) seems to smell in my hair.

Despite this product being protein-based (notice the word repair in the description?), there’s no doubt that it also adds moisture to my hair. The softness and shine that result from its usage are proof of that. And as you all know, soft hair is oh so easy to manage i.e comb through.

About it repairing split ends, i don’t believe any one product can do that. You have to snip off those ends. Thats the only way to deal with them in my opinion.

The downside:
Other than the insane pricing of this product (Ksh.700+. Roughly $7), i hate that it does not layer well with gel, and one is left with little white balls aka residue. The residue also appears if you apply a lot of the product. Of course the sensible thing here is to use a little product but you know there are days when you accidentally use too much.

Now, the residue does eventually go away but for someone who washes their hair right before leaving the house, this just won’t do because, who wants to wants to walk around with white stuff in their hair waiting for to disappear?

I only apply this leave-in after washing-conditioning-towel blotting my hair (1-2 times a week). One can apply it daily to tame frizzy hair but i’d advise against doing that because this product tends to easily build up in hair and can cause it be weighed down and feel dirty (greasy/oily).

Would i buy it again? Yes. I love the scent. I love how it makes my hair feel. I love that i only need to use a bit of it so its sure to last me a long long time…so maybe the price is worth it. I wish it cost less though :/

Crocheting & Knitting progress

Clearly this post has nothing to do with hair but…you know, my interests are growing 🙂

Remember the beanie i was working on?


Well, i finally finished making it after so many trials and errors.

Beanie 1

All done crocheting

All done crocheting

This is my 2nd crochet project (the 1st was an infinity scarf), and i think i did well considering i learnt how to crochet a few weeks ago.

I made a few mistakes along the way, learnt from them and so making my 2nd beanie was a breeze.


I made this one last night and i am pretty happy with it. The only visible mistake is that gaping hole you see at the top. I followed the same pattern i had used for the grey beanie but due to the difference in yarn size and crochet size, this black one is tighter. But it still fits.



I bought more yarn last week with the hopes of knitting a scarf (not another infinity one 😀 ).

Its actually darker than it appears here

Its actually darker than it appears here

However, knitting is a lot more harder than crocheting (at least for me it is), so this is how far i’ve gone.


I had actually done 3 rows but i messed up and had to unravel them 😦 Lets just say that this project is taking a backseat for now as i work on something something else. I’ll buy more yarn before the end of this week and hopefully make something Christmasy 🙂

Deep conditioning my hair

I like to deep condition my hair once a week to keep it soft, moisturized and manageable. I used to do this on dry, unwashed hair but now i do it on freshly shampooed, towel dried hair – i just wrap the towel around my hair and take it off after a few minutes – none of that rubbing business.

Freshly washed, not yet detangled

Freshly washed, not yet detangled

Deep conditioner mix

Deep conditioner mix

Part hair into 4 sections


Due to my current hair length and the amount of product i use, the application process can get messy, so i prefer applying the deep conditioner to my roots first, then to the length of my hair.

Deep conditioning

Deep conditioning

Once every inch of hair is covered with the product, i place a plastic bag on my head, secure it with a scarf and leave it on for at least 45 minutes without heat (no hooded dryer).


Once that time is up, i hop into the shower and detangle my hair under running water as am rinsing it with hot/warm water and then for the final rinse i use cold water. Thats it.

After rinsing

After applying products and detangling

After applying products and detangling

My deep conditioner mix

DC mixes

My mix consists of a store-bought deep conditioner, oils and honey or glycerine

My holy grail deep conditioner is the Perfect cosmetics hot oil hair cream. I’ve been using this product for well over 2 years now. Every now and then i use ORS replenishing conditioner. I can’t afford to use it often because its annoyingly expensive. Same goes for the Cream of Nature Intense conditioning treatment.

Deep conditioners

The deep conditioners work well on their own but i like to enrich them by adding (natural) oils. My main oils are coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil. Sometimes i also add amla oil, almond oil and/or a few drops of peppermint oil – another crazily priced product.


Honey and Glycerin are humectants, meaning that they draw moisture from the air to your hair. I use either of them, never both. Usually, i go for honey because i tend to have a lot of it in the kitchen.


Here are a few pictures of deep conditioner mixes i have posted before…

deep conditioning treatment

DC mix


DC mix

Shampooing my hair

Unlike most people on hair journeys, i love shampooing my hair. Most shampoos strip hair of its natural oils leaving it dry and prone to breakage. I’ve figured out how to go about this shampooing business without causing my hair any damage.


Yea. Am a shampoo collector. Some of my shampoos are harsh, others are mild and others are in between. If i want to thoroughly cleanse my hair i use the harsh shampoos (the ones containing sulfates). If i want to do a regular wash, i go for the milder shampoos they still contain sulfates but are not as harsh. If i find myself having to shampoo my hair again in the middle of the week, i use a sulfate-free (moisturizing) shampoo. Thats just what i do.

Now, i obviously don’t need all these shampoos. Am just a special kind of product junkie. If you’re just starting out on your hair journey and are strapped for cash, i suggest buying one sulfate shampoo. Use it no more than once a week to clean your hair. If you have extra cash to spare, buy a sulfate-free shampoo too. Use this one weekly and save the sulfate shampoo for monthly usage. Those are all the shampoos you need.