Shampooing my hair

Unlike most people on hair journeys, i love shampooing my hair. Most shampoos strip hair of its natural oils leaving it dry and prone to breakage. I’ve figured out how to go about this shampooing business without causing my hair any damage.


Yea. Am a shampoo collector. Some of my shampoos are harsh, others are mild and others are in between. If i want to thoroughly cleanse my hair i use the harsh shampoos (the ones containing sulfates). If i want to do a regular wash, i go for the milder shampoos they still contain sulfates but are not as harsh. If i find myself having to shampoo my hair again in the middle of the week, i use a sulfate-free (moisturizing) shampoo. Thats just what i do.

Now, i obviously don’t need all these shampoos. Am just a special kind of product junkie. If you’re just starting out on your hair journey and are strapped for cash, i suggest buying one sulfate shampoo. Use it no more than once a week to clean your hair. If you have extra cash to spare, buy a sulfate-free shampoo too. Use this one weekly and save the sulfate shampoo for monthly usage. Those are all the shampoos you need.


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