Crocheting & Knitting progress

Clearly this post has nothing to do with hair but…you know, my interests are growing πŸ™‚

Remember the beanie i was working on?


Well, i finally finished making it after so many trials and errors.

Beanie 1

All done crocheting

All done crocheting

This is my 2nd crochet project (the 1st was an infinity scarf), and i think i did well considering i learnt how to crochet a few weeks ago.

I made a few mistakes along the way, learnt from them and so making my 2nd beanie was a breeze.


I made this one last night and i am pretty happy with it. The only visible mistake is that gaping hole you see at the top. I followed the same pattern i had used for the grey beanie but due to the difference in yarn size and crochet size, this black one is tighter. But it still fits.



I bought more yarn last week with the hopes of knitting a scarf (not another infinity one πŸ˜€ ).

Its actually darker than it appears here

Its actually darker than it appears here

However, knitting is a lot more harder than crocheting (at least for me it is), so this is how far i’ve gone.


I had actually done 3 rows but i messed up and had to unravel them 😦 Lets just say that this project is taking a backseat for now as i work on something something else. I’ll buy more yarn before the end of this week and hopefully make something Christmasy πŸ™‚


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