How i relax my hair at home

Questions by Moraa

Could you please do a post on how you self relax?
I explain the steps i take to relax my hair in all my relaxer update posts. I do the same thing every time. Check out this post from when i self-relaxed for the first time. Also, see the previous post for my latest relaxer update and links to other relaxer day updates.

How do you relax the back part of the head?
Since i can’t see back there, i just use my fingers to feel or estimate the length of my new growth, and then i use an applicator brush to apply the relaxer. Parting my hair into 4 sections and then into even smaller sections makes the application process manageable.

An applicator brush or rat-tail comb can be used for relaxer application

An applicator brush or rat-tail comb can be used for relaxer application

I usually work on my hair in these 4 sections

I usually work on my hair in these 4 sections

How do you manage to check the timing to prevent over-processing?
The relaxer kit comes with instructions that include a time chart showing how long you should leave the relaxer on your hair depending on your hair type (fine, medium, coarse).

Now, these are just estimates (in my opinion) because i tend to leave the relaxer in my hair for longer than the recommended time (i don’t do it intentionally, am just not fast enough) and my hair always has a good amount of texture left in it. I guess it depends on ones’ hair.

I have to mention that you should not wait for your scalp to start burning for you rinse off the relaxer. A lot of people do this. They assume that the longer you burn, the better the relaxing result. Just time yourself (use a stop-watch or count-down timer), when the time is up, rinse your hair, and use the correct shampoo to wash. It shouldn’t be a painful process.

How do you ensure consistency in hair texture throughout the hair length and parts?
To be honest, the texture of my hair isn’t uniform throughout the hair strand. And the quadrant i relax last always has more texture to it because i always run out of time and don’t let the relaxer sit there for long. But that has never caused me any problem.


If you have relaxed hair and don’t want bone straight hair, tell whoever relaxes it for you to let the relaxer sit on your hair for a short period of time. You can even add a natural oil to the relaxer to weaken it. Alternatively, you can add conditioner to it. Do your research on this before attempting anything.

Should you decide to start relaxing your hair yourself, i suggest practicing using conditioner and an applicator brush all the while timing yourself. Thats what i did. Apply it to your hair as you would a relaxer.

This reply is very late but i hope it helps all the same.


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