The forgotten

After putting up my previous post, i decided to go through my hair products’ stash and i was a little surprised by what i found. I knew i had quite a number of products i that hadn’t used in a while,…what i didn’t know was how many of those i had.



1) Oliive olive oil shampoo with conditioner 2) Oliive 7 oils cream shampoo

I don’t even know when i bought the green one. The other one is probably from 3 months ago. I just saw the sulfate free, paraben free bit on the bottle and knew i had to have it. Yet another impulse buy 😐



Remember this Alberto Balsam conditioner? Yep. I still have it. Since it didn’t do much for my hair, i started using it to shave (anyone else use conditioners to shave?). I was trying to use it up that way but then somehow, it got stashed away. I used it recently to cowash and i kinda liked it. Whats that about?! Looks like its making a comeback.



This one is still unused and from my Feb 2014 haul #shame. I just used up another bottle of this product so this one is finally next in line.


Nupur henna

Nupur henna

Here’s the leftover pack i mentioned in my last post. I’ll hold on to this one for a while longer till i find a store that sells this same brand of henna. Its currently out of stock 😦




There’s a good reason why each of these product is here. The olive oil…well, i have a bigger bottle of it in the kitchen 😀 Almond oil, i only use it on relaxer days…every 4 months or so. Eucalyptus oil made my scalp itch. Castor oil made my hair shed. Am willing to give these last 2 oils another go because, maybe i was wrong about them. I so want them to work for me :/ I’ll just brace myself for major itching and shedding…#thingswedoforlove (sic)


Shea butter

Shea butter to be exact. I bought this a few months ago. Its all natural but i just don’t like it which is why its stashed away. I’ll try and use it up though.

Setting lotion/Mousse:

Setting lotion

The lottabody setting lotion is probably 2+ years now. I was so excited when i first bought it. I used it for a rollerset attempt (epic fail by the way). Now, well here it is.

The wrap set/mousse sachets are freebies from my relaxer kits. I should use them to set my braidouts and twistouts. I have used 2 satchets for a wash n’ go style though.



Remember this gel? I actually found it to be more of a pomade than a gel but yea, I used it a couple of times not enough times though and now its expired. You’d think for such a small amount i’d have used it up pretty quickly.

Styling tools:

styling tools

I mentioned wanting flexi rods and a curling iron so many times but when i finally bought them, i just couldn’t use them. Here’s why; sleeping with flexi rods on your head is a nightmare. I use only 1 flexi rod to set my ponytail in a curl (overnight). The rest are neatly stashed away…forgotten.

The curling iron on the other hand was a silly purchase. I’ve had it for a year or longer (…probably a year). The plan was to buy a 1″ or 1.5″ curling iron but i bought this 3/4 inch one instead because it was the largest size they had…and i really wanted a curling iron. The temperature on this darn thing only goes up to 150 which is pretty low for my hair so it takes forever to actually create a curl. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

I also found some skin care products…



These are the same ones i showed you in My skin care routine post. I stopped using them towards the end of June/July after realizing that they weren’t working for me.

Thanks to my product junkiesm, i now have to toss out a good number of these stuff because i don’t plan on using them. What a waste of cash 😦


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