1 week post relaxer

Am 1 week 4 days post today!

After relaxing my hair last week, i kept it in a wash n go style and as such didn’t comb my hair for that entire week. When it started to look messy i wore it up in a textured ponytail.


At exactly 1 week post, i did a strengthening treatment (henna). I first started off by washing my hair using Enliven shampoo. I don’t normally shampoo my hair before hennaing, but i felt that my hair had a lot of product buildup that needed to be first washed off.


Washed and air dried

Washed and air dried

I let my hair air dry completely before applying the henna (which i had prepared hours earlier). I used 100g of henna.



After hennaing for several hours, i rinsed my hair and then did a deep conditioning treatment.




After an hour or so i rinsed off the deep conditioner. By then it was pretty late and i had to go out and pick up a few things for supper so i just clipped my hair up and headed out. I didn’t even attempt to dry it, i just squeezed the excess water out because i didn’t want it to dry quickly.

When i got back, i lightly misted it with water, applied some leave-in conditioner, and some coconut oil and then i finally braided it like so…

French braid

I kept the braids in the next day (Wednesday) since i was home all day that day but on Thursday, Friday and today, i rocked a braidout.


9 thoughts on “1 week post relaxer

    • I rinse mine out in the sink…everything goes straight down the drain so no fuss. Sometimes i rinse my hair outside the house (there a tap outside). I’ve rinsed it off in the bathroom before but that required cleaning the floor afterwards. No stains were left behind.

  1. Hey Joyce, did you do a henna gloss ama henna alone? I also love the Perfect cosmetics conditioner…has so much slip. I’m currently using their argan oil hydrating mask.

  2. Hi Joyce, 1 week post and your hair looks very healthy.
    Now I have like a gazillion questions 🙂
    1. I relaxed my hair on Saturday and to be honest if it was to rain briefly on my head you would see my scalp, honest! What can I do to strengthen my hair and give it body?
    2. I have been deep conditioning my hair for a few months now and I can’t seem to see any positive results on my hair.
    3. I also tried air drying but my hair was so hard, I almost cried when someone combed it.

    These are the ones I have for now, help a sister out 🙂

    • Hi Ciku, freshly relaxed hair appears thin at first but after a couple of washes, it goes back to its normal state so don’t worry too much about that. You should see my edges when i relax mine 😀
      To strengthen it and give it body, do a henna or protein treatment. But note that henna will give your hair a subtle but permanent red tint. Also avoid blow drying/flat ironing it frequently and subjecting your hair to high heat. Opt for rollersets instead. These will def give you body. And finally don’t relax your hair till its very straight. Leave some texture. Thats all i have on that for now. I might make a post one day on the topic.
      For Q2, make sure your hair is clean before deep conditioning. If you have to use a sulfate/strong shampoo to get it squeaky clean do it. This will ensure that you get rid of anything that could be coating your hair strands and preventing the deep conditioner to penetrate the hair. If that doesn’t work, maybe you need to try a different deep conditioner because the one you’re currently using may not be working for you. You don’t need to buy something expensive. Check out the one i use in the “my hair products tab on my home page”.
      For Q3, air drying can be tricky especially if you have a lot of new growth. I usually put my hair in a ponytail or bun or i braid it after washing so that the new growth dries in a stretched state. If i don’t do this, then combing becomes a problem.
      About it being hard, for starters, i think you need to moisturize your hair more.

      I have so much i’d like to add but i’ll put up detailed posts instead. Still, I hope the answers help.

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