February is over and boy was it a month of randomness. I spent a good chunk of my time binge watching the never ending tv shows at my disposal. I went through 5 seasons of Breaking bad which i loved loved loved. Anyone a fan? When it first aired i was in college…had a social life then, not so much now which is why i had time to go through the entire series day after day. And just before i could finish it, Better call Saul, a spin off of Breaking bad premiered. Now The Walking dead, Suits, The blacklist, The 100, etc, etc, are all back :/

In other news, my cousin, Stella, visited this month and i got to play host for an entire week. I was so happy about that despite the fact that now both my wallet and body need to recover from all the shopping, eating out and sight seeing we did. Now that the girl is gone i feel a little out of my element. I need to reboot my system.

Moving on swiftly, i found and bought a pack of Nupur henna. Sadly though, it cost me Ksh.80 more than what i used to get it for 😦 That totally sucks! Anyway, i used the left over henna i showed in this post yesterday. Stella said that my hair felt strong/hard so i questioned hennaing it but since its already been 4 weeks since my last treatment, i just went ahead and hennaed.

I kept my hair in a braidout for an entire week but after yesterdays’ – todays’ wash, now its in a ponytail. I’ve enjoyed wearing my hair out (curly) and i think i’ll keep doing that next week. I need to have fun with this hair even though am on a hair journey.

My internet connection has been pretty erratic of late hence the random posting. I feel like i need to say everything while i have a chance 😀

More randomness, am listening to XFm right now – Mpenzi by Simply Tomas (music rules!). Time to cook supper.

Have a great evening 🙂


Hozier inspired?

Am 4 weeks 5 days post today and this has been my hairstyle since Friday…


I watched the Grammy awards the other day and while Hozier was performing, i realized that we were rocking the same hairstyle 😀

Pic from web

Pic from web

Pic from web

Pic from web

Well, almost the same. In my mind, i was thinking, “he jacked my swag! But he doesn’t know me. So…am i the one jacking his swag? 😐 ” Very random thoughts…

Anyway, after straightening my hair on the 5th of this month i didn’t wash it for 2 weeks (till last Thursday). I actually liked how it was (straight/wavy) and wanted to keep it like that for a while longer, but it was time for a wash. Besides, it was starting to get dry.

To wash it, i used Enliven shampoo and then i later did a deep conditioning treatment in the shower for a few minutes. Am getting bored/tired of doing my hair in intervals. Nowadays i just want to be done with my wash in one go.

Later i applied Cantu shea butter leave-in. Because of its creamy nature, i find that helps my hair retain moisture for a longer period of time. I sealed it in with coconut oil, did two french braids and let my hair air dry like that.

Your questions answered

Today marks 3 years since i got my hair relaxed!

Yep! 3 years. I don’t have much to share on that but if you have any questions, leave them in the comment section below and i’ll be sure to answer them. ‘Speaking’ of questions, i’ve answered the ones asked last week (and the week before last) so you can go back to those posts for the replies. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. One more thing, i get quite a number of questions (mostly from newbies) so i’ll be doing a ‘Q&A’ post every now and then. Look out for that 🙂

I hope your week started off on a good note after the Valentines day weekend.

3 weeks post relaxer

New do!

Side swept hairstyle

Side swept hairstyle

I don’t ever wear my hair wavy like this. Whenever i flat iron it, i tend to wear it straight down with only the ends curled. This week however, i’ve decided to glam-it-up. Looks like Valentine’s day fever is setting in 🙂

I straightened my hair

Ends don't look too fresh

Ends don’t look too fresh

I straightened my hair last Thursday evening because i needed it to be on point the next day (big day and stuff). The last time i straightened it was on the 1st of November – 3.5 months ago (although i did curl my ends for Xmas).

Because my hair is only a few weeks post, the straightening process went by pretty fast and i didn’t need to use a lot of heat. This time am not in a rush to wash it (last time i couldn’t wait to wash it after wearing it straight for only 3 days!).

Oil rinsing | 2 weeks post

After oil rinsing

After oil rinsing

Oil rinsing is doing an oil treatment right after shampooing hair but prior to conditioning it. It has numerous benefits chief among which is to help hair retain moisture for a longer period of time. The benefits are more or less the same as those of oil prepooing.

As mentioned in a previous post, my 1 week post henna treatment left me with a very itchy scalp and even though that eventually cleared, i decided to do an oil treatment to heal my scalp.

For my 2 week post wash, i did a clarifying wash to get my scalp squeaky clean. I did not dry my hair afterwards. Instead, i squeezed out the excess water and then generously poured coconut oil onto my hair and scalp. I let that sit for a few minutes then proceeded to condition my hair using Suave conditioner.

That was my first time doing an oil rinse and i don’t know what i was thinking doing it in the shower. Lets just say things got messy and i ended up having to thoroughly scrub the bathroom floor to prevent any accidents happening there. Lesson learnt.

My hair was so soft afterwards, a little oily though. I really don’t know where my mind was that day because i went ahead and moisturized and sealed my hair (added more oil). That didn’t go well and i ended up hoping back into the shower to shampoo my hair again.

The oil rinse did help in a way because my hair felt moisturized even after doing the second shampoo wash. The plan was to do flat twists for a curly style that would last me a week but i had had it with my hair so i put it up in a ponytail and thats how i wore it for that whole week.

Will i oil rinse my hair again? Yes. But not in the shower.

Quick December henna update

Turns out i never did an update on my December henna treatment :/

Anyways, since i’ve posted about my experience with the Shining sun henna (which is what i used), i won’t go into detail about that wash day. Here are some pics instead…




Click here to see how i deep condition my hair.

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