I ‘said’ that i’d put up a comparison post of the 2 henna brands i used recently and so this is it.

Since i haven’t been able to find Nupur henna in stores of late, i decided to try out other brands and this is the first one i picked up…

Shining sun henna

Shining sun henna

It was pretty cheap, going for Ksh.65 (less than 1USD). I of course checked to make sure it was 100% pure henna. It didn’t have any other ayurvedic powders mixed into it as is the case with Nupur henna and i was okay with that. All i wanted was the henna.

I used it last December and even though it wasn’t as good as Nupur henna (I could tell by the way my hair felt), it did strengthen my hair some. All seemed okay right up to the moment i rinsed it off and let my hair air dry a bit before doing a deep conditioning treatment. That is when i noticed this…



I had tiny bits of…i don’t even know what to call them…all over my hair and top. I just went ahead anyway and applied deep conditioner. After a few hours i rinsed my hair and the flaky stuff washed off.

Even though the henna kinda worked, i decided to try another brand and so i bought this one….

Royal Henna

Royal Henna

Now, this one was pricy. I bought a 100g pack for Ksh.200 (2.19USD). Thats more than i’d have to pay for 100g of Nupur henna! Anyway, this henna was better than the shining sun one above in that it did not leave any flakes behind and my hair felt almost (but not quite) as strong as it does when i use Nupur henna.

Can you tell how much i love Nupur henna? 😀

Godrej Nupur henna

Godrej Nupur henna

The only downside to using this Royal henna brand is that it made my scalp itch for 3-4 days after doing the treatment (see henna pics in my 1 week post update). This henna is also 100% pure. The itchiness did subside towards the end of the week without me applying anything to my scalp (i usually apply coconut oil to my scalp to relieve itching).

In as much as i love hennaing my hair, am not looking forward to trying out another brand of henna. So, the plan now is to turn to the ORS hair mayonnaise (a strengthening treatment) which i’ve always wanted to try out but passed up on because i had henna (also a strengthening treatment) that worked wonders for my hair.

ORS hair mayonnaise

I’ve heard & read good reviews about the ORS hair mayo (like this one by Evalyne) so am excited to finally try it out. ORS hair products work well on my hair so i hope to add the mayo to my collection too.

My ORS stash

My ORS stash


5 thoughts on “Henna

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  2. Hello there? Did you finally add the mayo to your collection? Since I have henna, I’ve used it twice and I think it lifts the henna off my hair. Wanted to know whether that also happens to anyone else. I still use it and like it, leaves my hair soft but still strong 🙂

  3. My hair is in a really bad state.two weeks into relaxing it most of it started falling off.Most people say its probably coz the relaxer was not rinsed out well hence the damage.its really stressing me out since i had very thick long healthy hair….Kindly what would you advice i do going forward?

    • Hi Zubeda, its possible the relaxer was not all rinsed off. You should wash your hair with a neutralizing shampoo, not the regular ones. Neutralizing shampoos stop relaxers from further processing the hair. A good shampoo is the ORS creamy aloe shampoo. Thats the one i use. After washing, do a deep conditioning treatment to put moisture back into your hair (relaxers tend to dry out hair). I hope that helps. Let me know how that works for you. All the best

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