Hozier inspired?

Am 4 weeks 5 days post today and this has been my hairstyle since Friday…


I watched the Grammy awards the other day and while Hozier was performing, i realized that we were rocking the same hairstyle 😀

Pic from web

Pic from web

Pic from web

Pic from web

Well, almost the same. In my mind, i was thinking, “he jacked my swag! But he doesn’t know me. So…am i the one jacking his swag? 😐 ” Very random thoughts…

Anyway, after straightening my hair on the 5th of this month i didn’t wash it for 2 weeks (till last Thursday). I actually liked how it was (straight/wavy) and wanted to keep it like that for a while longer, but it was time for a wash. Besides, it was starting to get dry.

To wash it, i used Enliven shampoo and then i later did a deep conditioning treatment in the shower for a few minutes. Am getting bored/tired of doing my hair in intervals. Nowadays i just want to be done with my wash in one go.

Later i applied Cantu shea butter leave-in. Because of its creamy nature, i find that helps my hair retain moisture for a longer period of time. I sealed it in with coconut oil, did two french braids and let my hair air dry like that.


2 thoughts on “Hozier inspired?

  1. I love love love your hair…and hozier totally jacked your swag…or maybe you and his stylist think the same or something…just started my hair journey and girl jealousy doesn’t cut it i’m in awe of your hair…

    • Ninah 🙂 Am so happy you’ve embarked on this journey! You’ll be there before you know it. You have my full support so feel free to ask for my help along the way (natural or otherwise). All the best chica and happy hair growing!

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