My training starts tomorrow!

The last time i run for sport/fitness purposes was 11 years ago – when i was in high school. Back then we’d go for cross country runs which i hated, although to be honest, i’d only run a few meters or till i lost sight of whichever teacher was on duty…then walk the rest of the way only picking up speed if i saw the said teacher 🙂

One thing that made these runs bearable was the fact that i actually got to step outside the school gate. I was in a boarding school and one needed a valid reason to be outside the school compound…i never really had one :/

Okay, thats a little background information on my running – not much. Am not a runner thats for sure. But am working towards becoming one. Once i conquer the 5K milestone, i’ll start training for a 10K and then (maybe), a half marathon. Am aware this is no easy task and a lot of commitment is required. But why not try, right?

A few things am looking forward to are:
1) Taking part in the Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon later this year. I’ll sign up for the 10K

2) Taking part in the next First Lady’s Marathon (Beyond Zero campaign). Again for the 10K

3) Taking part in any other marathons/runs within Nairobi. I can’t afford to venture out at the moment.

4) Experiencing ‘runners high’. Seriously guys, how great would it be to feel euphoric off your own body’s hormones. That right there, will be my reward 🙂

5) Last but not least, the numerous benefits of running.

Can you tell i’ve been thinking about running? Like a lot?

Okay tomorrow i start running so that i can stop writing about wanting to run and actually run 😀 . Hopefully there’ll be no rain.


…and March is almost over

(Shout out to Mresh…you know who you are 😀 )

Its been a month since my last post and while i’d like to blame that squarely on my broken phone and crappy internet connection, life and a little laziness on my part take a greater share of that cake. Now that thats out, lets get into some randomness 🙂

Am 9 weeks post relaxer!

See how loose it is?

See how loose it is?

Bunning. Thats what am doing nowadays. I decided to take a break from these tight ponytails i’d been rocking…


I keep having this overwhelming feeling to do something different with my hair so maybe i should add that to my 30 by 30 list…

#19 Change my hair

Going through this list is turning out to be an uphill task! But am trying. Take Monday for example, i went out and bought a pair of running shoes in readiness for my Tuesday morning run (training for a personal 5K challenge). And guess what happened? It rained that night, and the following morning! What the heck?! It hadn’t rained in forever! Don’t get me wrong, I love the pitter-patter of gentle rain outside my window in the morning but not when i plan to go out for a run.

Tried them on again before my workout today

Tried them on again before my workout today

Anyway, I figured buying black shoes was a good idea given how dusty part of the route i’ll be running is. And these were the only all-black shoes they had. When i got home i regretted buying them because they seemed bulky especially when worn with my workout tights. They are also heavier than my cross trainers. If i don’t warm up to them by Monday, i’ll take them back to the shoe store to get them exchanged for another pair since i haven’t used them yet.

Since we’re talking fitness, i’ve been purposely avoiding this topic because i got off track a while back. I actually went for a whole month without working out and indulged in not-so-healthy meals. Lets just say that that ‘best-shape-of-my-life-by-May’ goal i’d set for myself…not happening anytime soon :/

Am back to working out though and right now i’d best describe my activity level as moderate because i workout 3-5 days a week (mostly 3). Since Insanity is my drug, thats what am doing (i only did 1 month of T25 – till end of January).

That is all. For now.