…and March is almost over

(Shout out to Mresh…you know yourself 😀 )

Its been a month since my last post and while i’d like to blame that squarely on my broken phone and crappy internet connection, life and a little laziness on my part take a greater share of that cake. Now that thats out, lets get into some randomness 🙂

Am 9 weeks post relaxer!

See how loose it is?

See how loose it is?

Bunning. Thats what am doing nowadays. I decided to take a break from these tight ponytails i’d been rocking…


I keep having this overwhelming feeling to do something different with my hair so maybe i should add that to my 30 by 30 list…

#19 Change my hair

Going through this list is turning out to be an uphill task! But am trying. Take Monday for example, i went out and bought a pair of running shoes in readiness for my Tuesday morning run (training for a personal 5K challenge). And guess what happened? It rained that night, and the following morning! What the heck?! It hadn’t rained in forever! Don’t get me wrong, I love the pitter-patter of gentle rain outside my window in the morning but not when i plan to go out for a run.

Tried them on again before my workout today

Tried them on again before my workout today

Anyway, I figured buying black shoes was a good idea given how dusty part of the route i’ll be running is. And these were the only all-black shoes they had. When i got home i regretted buying them because they seemed bulky especially when worn with my workout tights. They are also heavier than my cross trainers. If i don’t warm up to them by Monday, i’ll take them back to the shoe store to get them exchanged for another pair since i haven’t used them yet.

Since we’re talking fitness, i’ve been purposely avoiding this topic because i got off track a while back. I actually went for a whole month without working out and indulged in not-so-healthy meals. Lets just say that that ‘best-shape-of-my-life-by-May’ goal i’d set for myself…not happening anytime soon :/

Am back to working out though and right now i’d best describe my activity level as moderate because i workout 3-5 days a week (mostly 3). Since Insanity is my drug, thats what am doing (i only did 1 month of T25 – till end of January).

That is all. For now.


One thought on “…and March is almost over

  1. Finally !!!! I nearly did a rally dubbed “bring back hair junkie” 🙂 Thanks for the shout out….I’ve been also seriously thinking of running as a work out regime but laziness has gotten the better part of me *sigh*.
    Keep up the amazing work…love your blog !!!!

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