13 weeks

Today marks 13 weeks since i last relaxed my hair and so far so good. As mentioned in my last update, my hair has been a little off. I shampooed and deep conditioned it last Wednesday and that got rid of the product buildup i had. I used the last of my Suave shampoo and the deep conditioner during that wash.

Yesterday, i had the urge to wash my hair again so i did so using Oliive olive oil shampoo with conditioner which is a mild product. I’d have done a cowash but i run out of conditioner a while back (and i didn’t want to use the Alberto Balsam conditioner in my stash). I kept my hair in a bun and let it air dry like that.

My plan was to stretch this relaxer till 16 weeks but i’ve just been informed that i need to attend a meeting of sorts next week and i’d like to look good for that; so i’ll relax my hair sooner. This is actually good because i’ll get a chance straighten my hair! I’ve been wanting to do that but with all the new growth i’ve got going on and me sweating during workouts, that style would not have lasted at this point of my stretch. Having my hair straight will also give me a chance to trim it.

Since i’ll be relaxing my hair sooner than expected, i need to prep it first – to strengthen it. I’ll do an oil prepoo treatment later today, follow up with a henna treatment a few hours later and then do an overnight deep conditioning treatment. My next wash will be on relaxer day…in a weeks time.

I realize that come tomorrow, i’ll have washed my hair thrice in less than a week. The benefit of that is that my new growth is soft (maybe too soft – i really need to do that henna treatment). I’ve already come up with a regimen that i plan to start following consistently and i’ll share that in a future post.


My first run

Ahhh…yes. It finally happened 🙂

I’d been looking forward to day 1 of running but kept stalling and procrastinating for some strange reason. Anyway, on the D-day, i woke up early and followed my usual (pre-workout) morning routine which includes drinking water first thing in the morning and having a cup of green tea.

After that i changed into my workout gear and did warmup exercises from the Insanity workout DVD. I had the option of warming up by taking a brisk 5 minute walk but i love the intensity of Insanity warmups way too much. I prefer morning workouts and going hard that early wakes up my body. I usually do the entire 10 minute warmup without stopping but on that day i had trouble with it and stopped about 3 times! That freaked me out because i thought i’d have trouble running as well! I even contemplated doing the DVD workout instead of going for a run.

I knew i’d regret skipping the run and since I didn’t want any negative feelings looming over me later, I talked myself out of backing out of my plans. Besides, it was a beautiful morning and i was all dressed for it. I grabbed my phone and keys and was out the door. I remember thinking, “this is it“, when i got to the gate, and once again started freaking out. I stood there for a moment and seriously thought of going back into the house. I promise you guys, am not that dramatic, but that was just one of those moments 😀

I looked at my watch and it was 6:10am. I was already 10 minutes late! I stepped outside the gate, locked it, walked for a few seconds, then i started running…and the rest as they say, is history. Okay i kid, here’s what happened…

I started out slow, just jogging at a comfortable pace. That was easy. I looked at the time and realized that i had been running for 5 minutes straight. I was impressed 🙂 Remember, am not a runner although thinking back, i probably underestimated my fitness level. I mean, since starting Insanity i feel more fit than i did 2 years ago! Heck, i feel more fit than i did at age 18! I’ll be 30 in a months’ time 🙂

Anyway, that boosted my morale and i picked up speed. I pushed myself till i got to a junction where i had the option of taking a long route home or a short one. I didn’t want to get ahead of myself and so i took the short route. Since that was my first run, i had no ill feelings about my decision. I was also beginning to feel like i needed to stop. One of my fears was taking the long route and being stuck out there too tired to get back home. I know, it sounds crazy. I didn’t want to have to call my brother (waking him in the process) to come get me.

I kept running till i got to a point where i had to walk (for like 10 sec) because the ground there was uneven and i didn’t want to fall and hurt myself or twist my ankle. When my gate came into view, i picked up speed once again. For some reason i had this surge of energy towards the end of my run. When i got to my starting point i looked at the time once again and realized that i had run for 15 minutes straight save for the 10 sec walk. The distance i covered was 1.7Km (roughly 1 mile). Yep. Still proud of myself 😀

When i entered the house, i drunk some more water, did some stretching exercises, took a shower, fixed myself a post workout meal, made some green tea and finally sat down to sort of plan my day and jot down ideas.

I loved everything about that run, even the part where i wanted to stop. I loved the calm atmosphere, the cool morning air…how fresh it was. I loved that there were a few people about. I love that i met one other runner! I loved that i got to workout outdoors. I loved that sense of accomplishment that i had – a great start to my day.

I felt really good and it had been a long while since i felt that particular way, which is strange because you’d think I feel this way all the time because i workout. I guess i hit a plateau without knowing it and just had to switch things up!

Bottom line, i love running thus far. Am not as confident as i’d like to be about my capabilities as far as running is concerned – that was a short run at a slow pace. I believe i can do better – run a greater distance and for more than a measly 15 minutes straight. But at least am finally getting out there and doing what i set out to do.

12 weeks

Am exactly 12 weeks post relaxer today!

Current hairstyle

Current hairstyle



French braid

French braid

I haven’t been following a strict regimen or any regimen really. I just wash and deep condition my hair whenever i feel like…usually once a week, sometimes i go slightly over a week without deep conditioning and sometimes i cowash in the middle of the week. My wash days are pretty random to say the least. The hair products i’ve been using are also different…


Well, they are different in that they are not my regular/staple products. Am sort of running out of the regulars so right now am just using what else i have in my stash. I need to do some shopping.

Due to all these inconsistencies, my hair feels different…and not in a good way. Whenever i wash it, it feels light and soft but it doesn’t retain moisture for a long period of time. It becomes dry very quickly and now i have lots of split ends that need to be snipped off.

I didn’t do a henna treatment last month so that accounts for how light my hair feels. I don’t know if this makes sense but when i do a henna treatment my hair feels heavy, and i like that.

The lack of proper moisture retention is probably due to product buildup. You see, i’ve been using mild shampoos (sulfate free and 2in1 shampoo-conditioner combos). These don’t get all the dirt out of my hair. I even went no-poo (not using shampoos) for a bit. I’d just rinse my hair or do cowashes. Doing so actually left my hair soft because its natural oils were not stripped off. However, the buildup i have now has formed a barrier preventing any products i apply to my hair to penetrate the strands. Thats why my hair is dry.

The way forward is to thoroughly cleanse my hair using a sulfate shampoo, do a strengthening treatment (henna) and trim my hair. I’ll also need to do an oil treatment at some point. I don’t remember when my last wash day was, probably a week or so ago (not good). I’ll get back to washing my hair on specific days that way i can keep track of things – new regimen coming up.

Lets talk about the trim. My last trim was in January. I didn’t like how my ends looked so i went ahead and gave myself a very light trim. I was afraid of snipping off a lot of hair like i did last year. Lets just say that my light trim was rubbish because i still had split ends after i was done. I have to get another trim soon. Am thinking of getting it professionally done – I haven’t had my hair done in a salon in 2 years.

Am Back!

I’ve just had my internet issues sorted out (had to switch to a different provider and all…major issues i tell you), so am happy to report that i’ll be back to posting regularly. I could not wait to log onto the blog and post something 😀

See you in my next post!