My first run

Ahhh…yes. It finally happened 🙂

I’d been looking forward to day 1 of running but kept stalling and procrastinating for some strange reason. Anyway, on the D-day, i woke up early and followed my usual (pre-workout) morning routine which includes drinking water first thing in the morning and having a cup of green tea.

After that i changed into my workout gear and did warmup exercises from the Insanity workout DVD. I had the option of warming up by taking a brisk 5 minute walk but i love the intensity of Insanity warmups way too much. I prefer morning workouts and going hard that early wakes up my body. I usually do the entire 10 minute warmup without stopping but on that day i had trouble with it and stopped about 3 times! That freaked me out because i thought i’d have trouble running as well! I even contemplated doing the DVD workout instead of going for a run.

I knew i’d regret skipping the run and since I didn’t want any negative feelings looming over me later, I talked myself out of backing out of my plans. Besides, it was a beautiful morning and i was all dressed for it. I grabbed my phone and keys and was out the door. I remember thinking, “this is it“, when i got to the gate, and once again started freaking out. I stood there for a moment and seriously thought of going back into the house. I promise you guys, am not that dramatic, but that was just one of those moments 😀

I looked at my watch and it was 6:10am. I was already 10 minutes late! I stepped outside the gate, locked it, walked for a few seconds, then i started running…and the rest as they say, is history. Okay i kid, here’s what happened…

I started out slow, just jogging at a comfortable pace. That was easy. I looked at the time and realized that i had been running for 5 minutes straight. I was impressed 🙂 Remember, am not a runner although thinking back, i probably underestimated my fitness level. I mean, since starting Insanity i feel more fit than i did 2 years ago! Heck, i feel more fit than i did at age 18! I’ll be 30 in a months’ time 🙂

Anyway, that boosted my morale and i picked up speed. I pushed myself till i got to a junction where i had the option of taking a long route home or a short one. I didn’t want to get ahead of myself and so i took the short route. Since that was my first run, i had no ill feelings about my decision. I was also beginning to feel like i needed to stop. One of my fears was taking the long route and being stuck out there too tired to get back home. I know, it sounds crazy. I didn’t want to have to call my brother (waking him in the process) to come get me.

I kept running till i got to a point where i had to walk (for like 10 sec) because the ground there was uneven and i didn’t want to fall and hurt myself or twist my ankle. When my gate came into view, i picked up speed once again. For some reason i had this surge of energy towards the end of my run. When i got to my starting point i looked at the time once again and realized that i had run for 15 minutes straight save for the 10 sec walk. The distance i covered was 1.7Km (roughly 1 mile). Yep. Still proud of myself 😀

When i entered the house, i drunk some more water, did some stretching exercises, took a shower, fixed myself a post workout meal, made some green tea and finally sat down to sort of plan my day and jot down ideas.

I loved everything about that run, even the part where i wanted to stop. I loved the calm atmosphere, the cool morning air…how fresh it was. I loved that there were a few people about. I love that i met one other runner! I loved that i got to workout outdoors. I loved that sense of accomplishment that i had – a great start to my day.

I felt really good and it had been a long while since i felt that particular way, which is strange because you’d think I feel this way all the time because i workout. I guess i hit a plateau without knowing it and just had to switch things up!

Bottom line, i love running thus far. Am not as confident as i’d like to be about my capabilities as far as running is concerned – that was a short run at a slow pace. I believe i can do better – run a greater distance and for more than a measly 15 minutes straight. But at least am finally getting out there and doing what i set out to do.


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