13 weeks

Today marks 13 weeks since i last relaxed my hair and so far so good. As mentioned in my last update, my hair has been a little off. I shampooed and deep conditioned it last Wednesday and that got rid of the product buildup i had. I used the last of my Suave shampoo and the deep conditioner during that wash.

Yesterday, i had the urge to wash my hair again so i did so using Oliive olive oil shampoo with conditioner which is a mild product. I’d have done a cowash but i run out of conditioner a while back (and i didn’t want to use the Alberto Balsam conditioner in my stash). I kept my hair in a bun and let it air dry like that.

My plan was to stretch this relaxer till 16 weeks but i’ve just been informed that i need to attend a meeting of sorts next week and i’d like to look good for that; so i’ll relax my hair sooner. This is actually good because i’ll get a chance straighten my hair! I’ve been wanting to do that but with all the new growth i’ve got going on and me sweating during workouts, that style would not have lasted at this point of my stretch. Having my hair straight will also give me a chance to trim it.

Since i’ll be relaxing my hair sooner than expected, i need to prep it first – to strengthen it. I’ll do an oil prepoo treatment later today, follow up with a henna treatment a few hours later and then do an overnight deep conditioning treatment. My next wash will be on relaxer day…in a weeks time.

I realize that come tomorrow, i’ll have washed my hair thrice in less than a week. The benefit of that is that my new growth is soft (maybe too soft – i really need to do that henna treatment). I’ve already come up with a regimen that i plan to start following consistently and i’ll share that in a future post.


2 thoughts on “13 weeks

  1. Hi Joyce,
    How do you prevent your hair from tangling when you have that growth?
    How do you manage combing and detangling your hair esp the new growth?since you rarely braid your hair.
    I have a hard time detangling.

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