Recent purchases|May


1) ORS relaxer kit 2) Mayonnaise 3) Perfect cosmetics hot oil hair cream 4) Vaseline petroleum jelly 5) Suave Professionals conditioner 6) Suave Naturals conditioner 7) Pure glycerin 8) Venus leave-in treatment

I did a mini haul last Monday because like i mentioned in a previous post I had run out of most of my hair products. This time i did not buy any shampoo because i have about 5 different ones…not to worry am curbing my product junkiesm 🙂

I mentioned here that i would relax my hair (at 14 weeks post) for an upcoming meeting but that did not happen. I ended up straightening my hair instead and have been wearing it like that for a week now. I should also mention that i have not worked out in a week! Didn’t want to sweat out my style 😮 I’ll relax my hair next week at 16 weeks post relaxer.

The mayonnaise is for the relaxer prep that i plan to do tonight. I need to strengthen my hair before putting it through harsh chemical treatment next week. I’ve done a mayo treatment before (see here) and i loved the result which is why am doing it again.

For deep conditioner, i got this one that has bone marrow extracts instead of my usual fruit extracts one because they didn’t have that. I honestly don’t like that it says bone marrow extracts but it smells heavenly. Still, i don’t think i’ll buy it again ’cause…bone marrow? Really? That is freaky.

The Vaseline, well, thats for basing my scalp and hairline on relaxer day because, you know, relaxer burns. I keep getting them and they are bad news! I need this.

I decided to pick up the Suave Naturals conditioner because i ran out of my last one. I bought the other one, Suave Professionals, from my Cousin Stella because she’d bought two of them. She kept borrowing my shampoos (we live together now) so i told her to just give me the conditioner in exchange for a shampoo…going to buy that for her today. You can never have to many conditioners right? Its not like shampoo.

I bought glycerin to use in place of honey (in my deep conditioner mix). The kind of honey i use comes straight from a bee farm and i run out of that too. So, before i get more of that, glycerin will have to do. Honey and glycerin are humectants, meaning they draw moisture from the air. So when present in hair, they keep it moisturized and soft.

And last but not least is the Venus leave-in treatment. I’ve been using Cantu shea butter leave-in conditioning and repair cream which has a somewhat creamy texture. Somedays i just need a runny/watery leave-in and for me, thats the Venus one.

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