Relaxer prep |May

I did a henna treatment 2 weeks ago…



Since i did not want to do that again anytime soon, i decided to use mayonnaise to strengthen my hair for relaxer day. I prepped my hair in 2 steps. The first was the cleansing step because i wanted to apply the mayo treatment on clean and dry hair. I did that in the morning, put my hair in a ponytail and headed out.

Wash day products

Wash products

After wash products

After wash products

When i got back home, i proceeded to the second step. My hair was mostly dry at this point. All i did was mix the Mayonnaise with a blend of coconut and olive oil.

Cheapie mayo

Cheapie mayo

mayo-oil mix

mayo-oil mix



I kept it in my hair throughout the night and in the morning i rinsed it off and applied deep conditioning treatment. Since i was pressed for time, i only left it on for a few minutes while i carried on with the rest of my shower routine. I did not even mix any oils into the deep conditioner.

Now, the mayo did make my hair somewhat hard but not as hard as when i added an egg to it as seen in this post. Nonetheless, it got the job done. The deep conditioner also worked well on its own. It really softened up my hair and got rid of the mayo smell i had going on.

Once again i applied Venus leave-in conditioner and a bit of coconut oil and then put my hair in yet another ponytail. This has become my go-to style. I always apply some castor oil to my ends before going out to keep them from drying out too much. This weekend however, i gave my hair a break and rocked a loose low bun.


6 thoughts on “Relaxer prep |May

    • Hi Tess, looks like its been out of stock for a while. I used to buy it at Super cosmetics but they don’t have it anymore. I bought this one in January (i think) at Beauty options. I don’t know if they still have it though.

    • Hi Morounfoluwa, i have never dyed my hair but from the information i have gathered, it is possible to dye previously hennaed hair. However, you have to make sure that the henna you used to use was 100% pure. Be aware that the henna thats already present on your strands will prevent proper uptake of whatever colour you choose to apply so you basically won’t get the colour displayed on the dye kit. If your roots are henna-free, they will take up the dye and come close to what is on the kit.
      If you happen to have been using impure henna, also known as compound henna, there’s a chance that the metallic salts in it along with any other chemicals present in it will react with the commercial dye you choose to use resulting in a disastrous outcome (like green hair).
      If you decide to use dye, please do your research and look for ammonia free dye which i hear is a better option. All the best and let me know how everything works for you.

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