More tea?

Earlier today

Earlier today

The Kenyan winter is fast approaching and am all set for it with…more tea 🙂 Remember my tea collection post? Yea, am a bit of a tea lover. I wanted to try out some new teas and so i picked up these two packs a while back…


I haven’t drunk them much but since the temperatures are now beginning to drop, am going to make good use of them. I love that they are spicy teas, which i think is perfect for this season. I, of course have been drinking green tea on the regular. I also decided to try out green jasmine tea, didn’t quite enjoy it at first but like with all herbal teas, its an acquired taste and so now am all over it!


And then there’s this pack of Nettle tea that i picked up by accident. I was actually going for Neem tea and somehow wound up with this one. I already had another pack at home so now i have two and they taste horrible! Nettle tea has numerous benefits of course but i just can’t get past its taste. Usually, i only add water (and sometimes lemon juice) to teas but with this one, i need to add some honey if i expect to get it past my lips.


My cousin suggested that I try out Moringa Oleifera so am going to pick that up soon along with that elusive Neem tea!


Fitness update|Insanity max:30

That fit life! Can’t escape it.

So am back at it again. I don’t know if i bore you with this back and forth thing i keep doing with my fitness journey. Its definitely not like my hair journey which comes so easily to me. Working out is something else altogether. I go for weeks without exercising and then i come back to it and wonder why i ever stopped. So thats what happened a few weeks ago. I went without working out for a few weeks (i remember doing one workout during that time but i feel like once in about 3 weeks doesn’t count).

Anyway, 10 days ago, on a Friday, i felt the urge to get back on the grind. I didn’t want to wait till the following Monday which is what i would have normally done because…Mondays are like a fresh start to everything. So, on that day i did Insanitys’ Pure cardio workout. I mentioned it here. That workout which is why i chose it.

The following day i missed my morning run and therefore opted to do some strength training. And the next day which was Sunday i did dome plyometric exercises (leg work…still from the Insanity program).

Come Monday (last week) i started a new workout program…

pic from web

pic from web

Yup! Insanity max:30 which i first mentioned here. Its basically a 2 month (60 day) program. Each workout session is 30 minutes long. With this one, you try and see how long you can push yourself before you feel like dying stopping, and that time when you do stop is your max out time. Here are my results for week 1…

Insanity max: 30

I was honestly disappointed with my day 1 max out time. I mean, 6 minutes and 17 seconds?! With Insanity i could go for up to 10 minutes without stopping! The next days’ max out time was even more disappointing because i maxed out earlier but as the days’ progressed, i slowly came to realize that this program was different from the Insanity program i had been doing. It was harder. So if you thought Insanity was hard, try Insanity max:30 (why do i do this to myself?)

One thing i noticed after week 1 was that i have no upper body strength (well, its there, but just a smidge). During the Tabata workouts i recorded the lowest max out times. There was a lot of floor work involved and i just had trouble lifting my body off the floor! (Am only like 2 or 3kgs overweight according to the BMI chart but who cares?). Am good on my feet and i love plyo (which is why i love running i guess) so on the other days i did relatively well.

I have to talk about the soreness i experienced. Since i had gone for a long time without working out and then just jumped right into Insanity, my body did not take it well. I was good for the first 3 days and then BAM! Soreness. That is referred to as Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). My calves were killing me that Monday but i pushed through. On Wednesday my arms got so sore from the previous days’ workout (Tabata floor work – remember, no upper body strength). The pain sort of dissipates overtime thanks to proper stretching and eating well post-workout so right now, am good. Yesterday and today i did 10 minute workouts.

Since i don’t have the typical 9-5 job, am able to set my own schedule so i got most of my work done in the middle of the night. As such, waking up at dawn to workout was near impossible so my workouts got pushed to mid morning or late in the afternoon. That was not really working out for me because it seemed like everybody and their mother wanted a piece of me!

I get constantly interrupted during daytime workouts. I get phone calls, someone knocking on my door, and i also don’t like working out when there are people around (weird much? No.) Its a mess. Because of these, i switched up my routine and am now back to waking up at 5am to workout. Best.decision.ever!

I’ve committed myself to working out 5 days a week and when i say that am scared of not making progress in the next 7 weeks, i mean it. I even took starting pics (not pretty by the way) but having them in my face daily should push me to keep going till day 60.

Okay, ending the post here 🙂 I know its long but you know i use my blog to document stuff for my own satisfaction too. Its sort of an open journal.


Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO)

Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Hi guys! If you are on a hair journey or have at least looked into healthy hair care, then there’s no doubt that you’ve come across the Jamaican Black Castor oil (also known as JBCO). This product is hailed as a holy grail by many of its users due to its numerous benefits, most notably; thickening hair and helping with regrowth (e.g. trying to grow back your edges and eyebrows!).

If you are not familiar with this oil, here is a little info to help you out…

Tropic Isle Living
Jamaican Black Castor Oil

All Purpose healing oil
100% Natural
No salt

Claims to:
1) Stimulate hair growth
2) Thicken and strengthen hair
3) Soften and condition hair
4) Help repair dry damaged hair and breakage
5) Protect hair with a protective coat that seals in moisture
6) Reduce itching and flaking

On hair and on skin to help with moisturization and also as a massage oil for aches and pain.

Other Information
Made the traditional hand processed way from the castor oil plant (oil nut tree).

This product was sent to me by Jamaica Naturelle for review purposes so i’ll feature it in my upcoming hair-related posts, sharing with you how i use it, my experience using it, the results i get from using it and my honest opinion of it.

If you are interested, especially you fine haired ladies (and gents), and those dealing with coarse hard-to-comb-through hair, or even those trying to grow back their hair, place your order here

Found it!


Thank you Nyake 🙂

By now, you all know how much i love this conditioner. I’ve been using it since 2011…before i even started my hair journey! Every now and then it goes out of stock and when i mentioned here that i couldn’t find it in stores, Nyake over at hashtagmakini directed me to where i could get it (tuskys opp City market). Thanks girl! It was the last bottle on the shelf so i snatched it up quickly 😀

Life lately

Hi guys!

Hope you’re keeping well. First things first, am 30 years old now! Yup! 30! In the months leading up to my birthday a line that kept coming up in my conversations was, “am practically 30!“. I was excited about turning 30.

Anyway, a few days to my 30th, I fell ill. Nothing serious, just a continuous cough that often left me feeling exhausted and like I was about to cough up a lung! I also had the sniffles (quite annoying I might add). To top it off, I developed a sore throat 😦

On the D-day, I felt particularly poorly that I assigned myself to bed rest. That sucked because I like to be awake for as long as I can on my birthdays i.e. I wake up very early and go to bed very late…its just something I do.

I’ve never been much of a birthday person (I don’t remember what I did for my 29th, but I remember going for a movie on my 28th), and so my birthday came and passed without much hullabaloo this year. Still, this time round I had plans, like running a 5K at 6am – without stopping. That was the one thing I wanted to do on my birthday, although to be quite honest, I still can’t run a 5K without stopping. Picking the months of April and May to train was not smart because it rained most mornings (hence the missed morning runs…its still raining).

I’ll keep training and complete my (incomplete) 30 by 30 challenge list (maybe I should rename it? 30 before 2016? I dunno).

So, how does 30 feel so far? Not so different really. Am constantly reminding myself that am 30 though. Seriously, my age is always on my mind nowadays. The other day i did something stupid then intuitively reminded myself that “am not a teenager anymore. Heck, am no longer in my 20’s either, am 30!

People say there’s something special about turning 30. For me, i just happen to have made a lot of friends in the past couple of weeks. As a result, my social life is buzzing right now and am happy about that because, lets face it, i’ve been spending way too much time indoors typing away at my computer (working from home). I’ve come to know some very smart people and associating with them has challenged me to really live my life and go for what i want.

Anyway, thats a little life update from me.