Venus solutions soothing scalp treatment

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Yesterday I did a deep conditioning treatment using Venus solutions soothing scalp treatment. Since i had used shampoo in my last wash not too long ago (Thursday), i opted to skip that and go straight into treating my hair. Frequent shampoo use is discouraged because it strips hair of its natural oils which help condition it and keep it healthy.

What i did was part my hair into four sections, use a spray bottle to lightly spritz some water onto it section by section, and then apply the Venus solutions soothing scalp treatment. If you recall, i’d worn my hair curly prior to this. I did not detangle it but went right ahead and applied the treatment instead.

Once i had the treatment on, i covered my hair with a plastic bag (you can use a shower cap) and then i secured that with a head scarf. I left the product on for slightly over 30 minutes while i worked out. The directions on the jar say to leave it on for 10 minutes then rinse or use with a heat cap under a dryer for extra conditioning. I don’t have a dryer so i used my body heat 😀

After that i hopped into the shower and rinsed off the product while gently detangling my hair using a wide tooth comb. Now, this Venus treatment has such great slip (its thick and creamy) and that made my comb glide through my hair. Detangling was so easy! And it made my hair so soft. Winning!

Venus solutions soothing scalp treatment claims to control flakes, sooth itchy scalp and give a cool refreshing experience and treat/condition hair. I don’t have flakes or an itchy scalp but i can attest to the cool refreshing experience (this product contains menthol).

Right now my hair smells great, it is soft and moisturized.

Check out the Venus for you page here.

Have a good day! 🙂


Updates|Hair & Fitness

Hi 🙂 Thought i’d make a quick update…

Am currently 10 weeks 5 days post relaxer. I meant to do a relaxer touch up last Monday but with me having to wash my hair a few days later to use and review the Venus products in my previous post, i thought it wise to postpone my relaxer day. I did my hair this morning (post on that will be up tomorrow) and hopefully, i won’t have to wash it in the course of the week so that i can finally relax it on Monday. Looks like this won’t be my shortest relaxer stretch after all…i might actually make it to 12 weeks!

For me, Insanity Max:30 is the hardest workout hands down. I know that its supposed to be hard, but damn! Am now in month 2, just completed week 5 this morning. I missed Tuesdays’ and Fridays’ workouts but made up for them yesterday and today which means that that morning run i’d been looking forward to doing today…it didn’t happen 😦

I’ve honestly considered quitting this program and going back to what i love (Insanity) but am already more than halfway through with the program (3 more weeks to go), plus i really want to be able to say that i did it. One thing thats for sure is that i won’t be doing another round of Insanity Max:30 anytime soon. In fact, i want to focus on running once am done with this. I think that will be good for me because i feel like i’ve hit a plateau once again. I don’t feel as good as i did when i first started working out so i need to change something. But the workouts are working! Am slowly making progress. Someone asked me if i go to the gym! That made my day because i thought the (slight) definition i was seeing in my arms was all in my mind! 😀

Here are my weeks 3, 4 and 5 max out times…

Week 3
Cardio challenge 7:13
Tabata strength 7:24
Sweat intervals 8:24
Tabata strength 9:43
Friday fight: round 1 8:15

week 4
Cardio challenge 11:17
Tabata strength 10:16
Sweat intervals 8:30
Tabata strength 6:15
Friday fight: round 1 8:28


week 5
Max out Cardio 7:09
Max out Power 8:04
Max out Sweat 5:02
Max out Strength 5:56
Friday fight: round 2 6:26

I couldn’t wait to max out at 10 minutes or over 10 min and when i did, (in week 4) i started second guessing myself. With the workouts being challenging, i had resorted to following the modifier more than i should have. I was taking it easy. Then i watched a clip where Shaun T says, “stop pacing and start pushing!”, and i felt like i’d been busted :S Needless to say, i did what he said 😀 I still follow the modifier but not as much i before (which is why am back to maxing out under 10 min).

Max out cardio near killed me. Max out strength might be my favourite workout and i loved todays’ workout too…up to a point.

Insanity Max:30|week 3

Insanity MAx:30

These are my results for week 3. Am definitely doing better than i did in weeks 1 and 2 so thats great! I have to mention though that i sometimes follow the modifier because, lets be honest, some of those moves are hard to do. At least for me they are. I start out doing the difficult moves and when i can’t take it anymore, i modify. This enables me to push for longer, till its time for me to take a short break and gather myself 🙂

So i have the exercise bit down and locked. I have been working out 5 days a week and haven’t missed a day. I opt to take the entire weekend off (rest days). The nutrition bit is another story altogether and you can see it on my face (breakout galore!). The sweet and carby treats i keep rewarding myself with are addictive and wrecking havoc in me! Hope i don’t crush now that i’ve decided to cut back on those 😮

Post texlax update

Am 8 weeks 5 days post today!


Two months ago i decided to transition from relaxed hair to texlaxed hair. Here is the texture that resulted from texlaxing…

right side vs left side

right side vs left side

As you can see, the left side is more textured than the right side because i let the relaxer sit there for a shorter period of time. And this is a comparison of my relaxed hair vs my texlaxed hair.

relaxed vs texlaxed

Both pics were taken on relaxer and texlaxing day. As you can see, there is a difference in the way the chemical loosened my curl pattern. Here are a few more pics of my freshly relaxed hair…

Back in January 2015

Back in January 2015

Back in Jan

Back in Jan

So, about my texlaxed hair…as pointed out here, i questioned my decision to texlax; after the deed. I thought i had made a mistake. I therefore gave myself time to ‘like’ my new texture. At around 1 week post, i did my first wash and kinda started to like my hair. Since it was still freshly done, it was really soft, manageable and the texture thickened up a bit. After a few more washes, it seemed like my roots bounced back to their pre-texlax texture! I did not like that one bit.

See what i mean?

See what i mean?

Right now i don’t have a lot of new growth so my hair is still soft, but after a workout or washing it, my roots revert and end up all puffy. Not the look am going for. I feel like am on a long relaxer stretch and haven’t gotten to enjoy my hair in the past 2 months. Am not even motivated to do it or style it. I only wore it down for the first two weeks after texlaxing. Since then, I’ve been wearing it in a single braid or bun. I didn’t even tell my friends that i’d retouched it ’cause it doesn’t look like i did. And then one of my cousins looked at my hair and told me i had a lot of new growth! (she was looking at the texlaxed bit). I look like am on a 6 month relaxer stretch!

Texlaxing is definitely not for me at this point and time. Am not feeling it. Too much texture. Am not even sure exactly what i expected going into this. Am just not happy with my hair right now. I was happy with my relaxed hair so in light of that, I’ve decided to do a corrective relaxer in a couple of weeks. I will go over the texlaxed part with relaxer and straighten it some more. That will be at 10 weeks post…my shortest stretch ever.

I know that my hair looks too straight in the above relaxed hair pics but it still has a good amount of texture to it (better seen and felt after a few post-relaxer washes). Check out this post to see what i mean. Or look at this pic instead…

Texture on relaxed hair

Texture on relaxed hair

I feel like i need a fresh start so after relaxing my hair, i’ll straighten it (something i can’t do now because after one workout, i’ll be back to square one). I’ll also snip off about an inch or an inch and a half of it. Am way overdue for a trim anyway so this has to happen. Remember that time i trimmed off more hair than i wanted to? Well, i ended up with a nice, clean cut which is what i now want.

See the ruggedy ends? They need to go!

See the ruggedy ends? They need to go!

So, a few things to look forward to: relaxer day, straightening my hair, a clean cut and a length check. Am i seriously still at BSL though?! Oh, and i’ll also document my usage of the Jamaican Black Castor Oil after relaxer day. That should help me see change in my hair better because i have so much going on on my roots i wouldn’t be able to notice significant difference if i used it now.

Never miss a Monday


CRUSHED IT! and yes, am on the floor

I started week 3 of Insanity Max:30 this morning and boy do i feel great! Getting done with your Monday morning workout before the sun comes up…perfect start to your week. Anyway, today’s workout was Cardio challenge which is basically a fit test and my max out time was 8:51. My week 1 & 2 max out times for the cardio challenge were 6:17 and 6:30 respectively. Am getting better 🙂 Can’t wait to hit the 10 minute mark. That aside, here are last weeks’ results…

I lost my Tuesday results :o

I lost my Tuesday results 😮