Post texlax update

Am 8 weeks 5 days post today!


Two months ago i decided to transition from relaxed hair to texlaxed hair. Here is the texture that resulted from texlaxing…

right side vs left side

right side vs left side

As you can see, the left side is more textured than the right side because i let the relaxer sit there for a shorter period of time. And this is a comparison of my relaxed hair vs my texlaxed hair.

relaxed vs texlaxed

Both pics were taken on relaxer and texlaxing day. As you can see, there is a difference in the way the chemical loosened my curl pattern. Here are a few more pics of my freshly relaxed hair…

Back in January 2015

Back in January 2015

Back in Jan

Back in Jan

So, about my texlaxed hair…as pointed out here, i questioned my decision to texlax; after the deed. I thought i had made a mistake. I therefore gave myself time to ‘like’ my new texture. At around 1 week post, i did my first wash and kinda started to like my hair. Since it was still freshly done, it was really soft, manageable and the texture thickened up a bit. After a few more washes, it seemed like my roots bounced back to their pre-texlax texture! I did not like that one bit.

See what i mean?

See what i mean?

Right now i don’t have a lot of new growth so my hair is still soft, but after a workout or washing it, my roots revert and end up all puffy. Not the look am going for. I feel like am on a long relaxer stretch and haven’t gotten to enjoy my hair in the past 2 months. Am not even motivated to do it or style it. I only wore it down for the first two weeks after texlaxing. Since then, I’ve been wearing it in a single braid or bun. I didn’t even tell my friends that i’d retouched it ’cause it doesn’t look like i did. And then one of my cousins looked at my hair and told me i had a lot of new growth! (she was looking at the texlaxed bit). I look like am on a 6 month relaxer stretch!

Texlaxing is definitely not for me at this point and time. Am not feeling it. Too much texture. Am not even sure exactly what i expected going into this. Am just not happy with my hair right now. I was happy with my relaxed hair so in light of that, I’ve decided to do a corrective relaxer in a couple of weeks. I will go over the texlaxed part with relaxer and straighten it some more. That will be at 10 weeks post…my shortest stretch ever.

I know that my hair looks too straight in the above relaxed hair pics but it still has a good amount of texture to it (better seen and felt after a few post-relaxer washes). Check out this post to see what i mean. Or look at this pic instead…

Texture on relaxed hair

Texture on relaxed hair

I feel like i need a fresh start so after relaxing my hair, i’ll straighten it (something i can’t do now because after one workout, i’ll be back to square one). I’ll also snip off about an inch or an inch and a half of it. Am way overdue for a trim anyway so this has to happen. Remember that time i trimmed off more hair than i wanted to? Well, i ended up with a nice, clean cut which is what i now want.

See the ruggedy ends? They need to go!

See the ruggedy ends? They need to go!

So, a few things to look forward to: relaxer day, straightening my hair, a clean cut and a length check. Am i seriously still at BSL though?! Oh, and i’ll also document my usage of the Jamaican Black Castor Oil after relaxer day. That should help me see change in my hair better because i have so much going on on my roots i wouldn’t be able to notice significant difference if i used it now.


3 thoughts on “Post texlax update

  1. Hi Joyce I am sorry texlaxing dint work out for you. I am also on a hair journey and I have been texlaxing for three years now. I had a serious set back last year though. I moved to a new town and the hair dresser dint understand what I wanted for my hair. Plus it was quite the stressful year. I believe he is slowly getting the hang of it now. I like texlaxing coz of the body it adds to my hair. I also discovered finger detangling, waiting to see how it pans out. Looking forward to seeing how the hair looks after the corrective relaxer

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